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What To Wear To Go Fishing

What To Wear To Go Fishing

Are you gearing up for an exciting fishing trip? Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, one thing’s for sure – having the right attire can make all the difference. At Soul of Adventure (SA), we're passionate about bringing you awesome clothes and accessories for all kinds of adventures, including fishing. 

As you prepare to cast your line and reel in the fun, let's explore what to wear for a successful and comfortable fishing adventure. From practical clothing choices to weather-appropriate gear, we’ve got you covered. 

Get ready to make some unforgettable memories on the waters and arm yourself with the best fishing accessories from SA! With our commitment to quality, value, and fun, you can trust that our gear will enhance your fishing experience like never before. Visit our shop to get started!

Fishing is a Way of Life

Fishing is an age-old activity cherished by millions of adventure enthusiasts worldwide. It involves the art of catching fish from different bodies of water using methods like angling, netting, or trapping. Beyond being just a recreational hobby, fishing is a way of life for many communities, providing both livelihood and a chance to connect with nature's beauty and tranquility.

At SA, we understand the deep-rooted passion that drives anglers to the waters – that's why we're dedicated to enhancing your fishing experience! Whether you're a seasoned angler or embarking on your first fishing journey, the allure of the waters awaits you. 

With our finest fishing clothes and gear, specially crafted for comfort and performance, we're here to equip you for an unforgettable adventure on the water. Get ready to cast your line, reel in the excitement, and create lasting memories with SA by your side. Browse our website to see how we can improve your adventures!


Why Do People Like To Fish?

Why Do People Like To Fish?

If it’s your first fishing adventure, you’re in for a treat! Let’s explore why fishing holds a special place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts:

  • The Thrill Of The Catch: There's nothing quite like the rush of excitement when you feel that tug on your line and reel in your first catch. It's an unforgettable moment of triumph!
  • Connection With Nature: Fishing provides a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allows you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature and gives you a chance to unwind and appreciate the natural world around you.
  • Relaxation: The gentle lapping of the water and the rhythmic act of casting create a calming atmosphere that soothes the soul. It's a peaceful and meditative experience, perfect for finding inner tranquility.
  • Bonding Experience: Fishing trips with family and friends offer more than just the thrill of catching fish. They create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. It's a chance to share laughter, stories, and experiences together.
  • Challenge And Skill-Building: Fishing may seem simple, but it's a skill that takes time to master. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment as you learn the ropes and reel in your first catch. It's a journey of growth and learning with plenty of smiles along the way!

Now, as you gear up for your fishing adventure, let's explore what to wear to ensure you have a fantastic fishing experience, whether you're a seasoned angler or a first-time fisherman!

Discover Adventure With SA

Are you ready to embrace the soul of adventure? At SA, we've got everything you need for your outdoor escapades. From the sun-kissed ocean waves to the majestic mountain peaks, we're by your side, supporting your every step of the journey.

  • Stylish Hats: Shield yourself from the sun in style with our trendy straw hats and bucket hats. Adventure awaits, and we've got you covered!
  • Cool Sunglasses: See the world through a different lens with our high-quality sunglasses. Protect your eyes while looking effortlessly cool.
  • Durable Silicone Rings: Say goodbye to traditional metal rings. Our silicone rings offer maximum comfort and flexibility, perfect for your active lifestyle.
  • Performance Board Shorts: Dive into your water-based adventures with confidence in our top-notch board shorts. Designed for performance, made for thrill-seekers like you.
  • Performance Clothing: Experience ultimate comfort in our performance clothing. Whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply exploring, our apparel adapts to your every move.
  • Join a Global Community: When you wear our iconic SA shield, you're not just choosing a look – you're becoming part of a passionate global community. Connect with like-minded adventurers and share your stories.

Adventure knows no boundaries, and neither do we. Let's embark on the journey together, from sunrise to sunset, and make every moment count. Shop with SA today!

What Is The Importance Of Proper Fishing Attire?

The importance of proper fishing attire extends beyond just looking the part. It plays a crucial role in ensuring your comfort, safety, and performance during your fishing expedition, enhancing your overall angling experience. With the right fishing clothes and gear, you can fully immerse yourself in the joys of fishing, free from distractions and discomforts. 

How To Choose The Best Fishing Clothes

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, having the proper attire can enhance your comfort and performance on the water. So, to make the most of your fishing trips, consider these tips when picking your fishing gear:

Material Matters

Fishing often involves exposure to water, whether it's a splash from casting or handling your catch. That's why it's essential to choose fishing clothes made from moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials. SA's performance-driven fishing clothes are designed with premium materials that can handle the demands of the great outdoors, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry throughout your fishing trip.

Sun Protection

Spending long hours under the scorching sun requires proper protection for your skin. Look for fishing clothes that offer Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings to shield you from harmful sun rays. SA's selection of awesome performance shirts and cool board shorts not only offers stylish designs but also provides excellent UV protection, safeguarding your skin while you enjoy the waters. We also have wide-rimmed straw hats and highly-breathable bucket hats meant to provide you with UPF 50+ sun protection!


Fishing can be physically demanding, and you might find yourself getting active as you cast, reel, and maneuver around your fishing spot. To stay comfortable and avoid excessive sweating, prioritize fishing clothes that are well-ventilated and breathable. SA's fishing clothes and accessories are thoughtfully designed with optimal breathability, allowing for proper air circulation, so you can maintain a cool and focused state throughout your fishing journey.

Freedom Of Movement

When you're out on the water, you need clothing that won't restrict your movement. Opt for fishing clothes made from flexible and stretchy fabrics, specially designed by SA to provide a full range of motion so you can cast with ease and make every catch count. For added convenience, you can also consider our adjustable mesh fishing vest by Jackson Hole Fly Company, a light and comfortable option that accommodates your fly boxes, fishing tools, and other gear.

Don't let discomfort hold you back during your fishing trips. Check out SA's premium fishing clothes and accessories, crafted with moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and UV protection features to keep you cool, dry, and shielded from harmful sun rays. 

SA is dedicated to making outdoor fun accessible to everyone, and our fishing gear is no exception. Elevate your fishing experience today – explore our collection and get ready for an unforgettable time on the water!

Things To Consider When Choosing Fishing Clothes

A fishing trip can be exciting, but choosing the right fishing clothes can make it even more enjoyable and comfortable. Consider a few more factors when choosing fishing clothes:

  • Weather And Climate: Don't let unpredictable weather dampen your fishing spirit. On hot days, opt for lightweight, breathable clothes to keep you cool and sweat-free. When the temperature drops, layer up with moisture-wicking and insulating garments to stay warm and cozy.
  • Fishing Location: Where you fish matters when it comes to your clothing needs. If you're tackling cold waters, ensure you have well-insulated layers to shield you from the chill. In contrast, for fishing in hot climates, choose lightweight and breathable apparel to stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Insect Repellent: Pesky insects can be a nuisance during fishing trips. Protect yourself from annoying bites and discomfort by wearing clothing with built-in insect-repellent properties or bringing insect-repellent items.
  • Pockets And Storage: Keep your fishing gear organized and accessible with clothing that comes with ample pockets. Having your tools, bait, and other essentials close will make your fishing experience more convenient and enjoyable. Consider using an adjustable mesh fishing vest to conveniently carry your fly boxes, fishing tools, and other gear.
  • Camouflage: In certain fishing scenarios, blending into the environment can make a difference in your success. For techniques like fly fishing, consider clothing with camouflage patterns to help you remain inconspicuous and avoid startling fish.

  • Basic Fishing Clothes

    We believe every angler deserves the best fishing clothes to stay comfortable and protected, so let's explore the essential fishing clothes you should have in your wardrobe:

    Fishing Shirts

    Don't underestimate the importance of a good fishing shirt. Our long-sleeved performance shirts are crafted from lightweight and breathable materials, providing comfort during long hours under the sun and essential protection for your arms, shielding them from harmful UV rays. 

    Fishing Pants/Shorts

    Fishing requires mobility, and that's where our board shorts come in handy. Specifically designed to provide comfort and flexibility, our SA board shorts allow you to move freely and easily on the water. They’re also ideal for warm weather fishing so you can stay comfortable throughout your angling adventure.

    Fishing Hat

    Protect yourself from the sun's intense rays with our wide-brimmed fishing hats. Our straw hats and bucket hats offer UV protection to keep your face and neck shielded, minimizing the risk of sunburn during long hours outdoors. They’re also made from a moisture-wicking performance fabric to ensure you stay cool and dry throughout your fishing trip.

    Polarized Sunglasses

    If you want to take your fishing game to the next level, don’t overlook the significance of polarized sunglasses. Our boca sunglasses feature fully polarized lenses with 100% UV protection, reducing glare on the water and allowing you to see beneath the surface more clearly so you can easily spot fish and navigate the water!

    Fishing Vest And Sling Pack

    Stay organized on the water with our practical fishing vest and sling pack, fulfilled by Jackson Hole Fly Company. Our sling pack offers ample space for essentials like fly boxes, rain jackets, and lunch, and features a breathable back panel for all-day comfort. Meanwhile, our mesh fishing vest provides convenience with adjustable shoulder and waist straps to accommodate your fly boxes, fishing tools, and other gear. 

    Get ready to reel in the fun with SA's premium fishing clothes and accessories! Elevate your fishing experience and explore our collection for an unforgettable time on the water. Shop now!


    Basic Fishing Clothes

    Dressing For Different Weather Conditions

    Fishing trips can encounter various weather scenarios. Here's how to dress for different conditions:

    Hot Weather Fishing

    • Light Clothing: Opt for lightweight and breathable clothing to stay cool.
    • Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to protect exposed skin.
    • Hydration: Carry plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    Cold Weather Fishing

    • Layer Up: Wear thermal base layers and insulating mid-layers to trap warmth.
    • Waterproof Outerwear: Invest in waterproof and insulated jackets to shield against rain and wind.
    • Warm Accessories: Don't forget a beanie, gloves, and a scarf to keep your extremities warm.

    Rainy Weather Fishing

    • Waterproof Gear: Wear waterproof jackets, pants, and boots to stay dry.
    • Pack Rain Cover: Keep your gear protected with a waterproof cover or dry bag.

    Why Dressing in Layers is Great for a Fishing Trip?

    Your fishing trips should be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, so why dressing in layers is a smart approach that every angler should consider. Besides allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions and stay cozy throughout the day, it also helps with:

    Temperature Regulation

    Mother Nature can be unpredictable, you’ll always be in control when you wear layers. Easily add or shed clothing to stay just right, preventing overheating during warm spells and keeping snug when the chill sets in.


    Flexibility is key when you're out on the water, and layering gives you the upper hand. Mix and match your clothing pieces to conquer any weather scenario that comes your way, leaving you confidently prepared for whatever the day brings.

    Easy Adjustment

    Time is precious, especially when there are fish to catch. With layers, adapting is a breeze. No need to fuss over complete outfit changes – just tweak your layers and you’re good to go. Stay focused on reeling in those big catches!

    Protection from the Elements

    Mother Nature might throw rain, wind, and splashes your way, but you'll be ready. Layer up with waterproof and windproof gear, and you'll be invincible against whatever the elements have in store.

    Remember, when you're dressing in layers for your fishing escapade, you're choosing comfort, adaptability, and protection in one clever package. So, get out there, embrace the adventure, and make the most of your time on the water!

    Maintaining And Cleaning Fishing Clothing

    To ensure your fishing clothes and gear stand the test of time, proper maintenance and cleaning are key. Follow these essential tips:

  • Follow Washing Instructions: Always pay attention to the washing instructions provided on the clothing tags. These guidelines are designed to preserve the quality of the fabric, so follow them diligently for long-lasting performance.
  • Remove Stains Promptly: Accidents can happen on the water, but don't let stains linger. Treat them as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent marks on your fishing clothes.
  • Air Dry When Possible: Avoid using high heat when drying your fishing clothes. Opt for gentle air drying whenever possible to keep the fabrics in top condition for your next angling adventure.
  • Store Properly: When you're not out on the water, store your fishing clothes in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can lead to fading and weakening of the materials.
  • Are you ready to make the most of your fishing adventures with SA’s premium fishing clothes and accessories? Embrace the thrill of the catch and the serenity of the waters while looking and feeling your best. Explore our collection now and elevate your fishing experience to new heights!

    What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Proper Fishing Attire?

    The benefits of wearing proper fishing attire are numerous, making it an essential aspect of any successful and enjoyable fishing trip. At SA, we understand the significance of functional and comfortable clothing for anglers. Here are some key advantages you can experience with our premium fishing attire:

    Sun Protection

    Spending long hours under the sun can lead to harmful UV exposure. Our fishing clothes, such as our long-sleeved shirts and wide-brimmed hats, offer effective protection against UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage. 

    Comfort and Mobility

    Fishing can be physically demanding, and the last thing you want is clothing that hinders your movement. Our moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics keep you comfortable even during intense fishing activities. The flexible design ensures unrestricted movement, allowing you to cast and reel in fish with ease.

    Insect and Element Protection

    When you're out on the water, the last thing you want to deal with is bothersome insects or unexpected weather conditions. Our fishing clothes are designed to keep you comfortable and focused on your angling adventure, even in the face of pesky bugs and changing elements. With waterproof and windproof layers, you can stay dry and shielded from unexpected rain and cold weather, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable fishing experience.

    Enhanced Fishing Performance

    The right attire can significantly impact your fishing performance. When you're comfortable and protected, you can fully concentrate on perfecting your fishing techniques rather than dealing with discomfort. Our polarized sunglasses reduce glare, allowing you to see fish beneath the water's surface more clearly and enhancing your chances of making the perfect catch.

    Durability and Longevity

    Outdoor activities demand durable gear, and our fishing clothes are built to withstand the rigors of your fishing expeditions. Investing in high-quality fishing attire ensures longevity, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

    At SA, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best fishing clothes that not only offer practical benefits but also elevate your fishing experience. With our performance-driven and stylish fishing attire, you can fish with confidence and make the most of your time on the water. 

    Elevate your fishing game today and explore our collection to find the perfect gear for your next angling adventure. Get your premium fishing clothes at SA and gear up for your next angling adventure. Shop our collection today!

    Other Things To Bring On Your Fishing Trip

    In addition to proper fishing attire, having the right gear and essentials will bring your fishing trip to new heights of enjoyment! Here's a comprehensive checklist to make sure you're fully prepared for a successful angling adventure:

    Fishing Gear

    • Fishing rod and reel to land your prized catch.
    • Tackle box stocked with an array of lures, hooks, and bait for various fishing conditions.
    • Fishing line and leader material to secure your catch.

    Personal Items

    • A valid fishing license, if required in your area, to comply with local regulations.
    • Identification and contact information for safety and identification purposes.
    • Medications and a first aid kit to address any unexpected situations.

    Snacks and Water

    • Carry an ample supply of water and energy-boosting snacks to stay hydrated and fueled throughout your day on the water.

    Sunscreen and Bug Spray

    • Protect your skin from the sun's rays and pesky insects with sunscreen and bug spray.

    Fishing Accessories

    • Polarized sunglasses to enhance visibility in the water and spot fish more effectively.
    • A fishing hat or cap for added sun protection and to keep you cool while angling.

    Seating and Shade

    • A folding chair or portable seat for maximum comfort during extended fishing sessions.
    • A compact umbrella or fishing tent for shade and protection from unexpected rain.

    Camera and Binoculars

    • Capture memorable moments and observe wildlife with a camera and binoculars.

    Trash Bags

    • Show respect for the environment by bringing trash bags to collect and properly dispose of any waste, leaving the fishing area clean and pristine.

    You're all set for an unforgettable fishing experience with this checklist, especially if you remember to explore our premium fishing clothes and accessories! Our high-quality gear is designed to enhance your comfort, performance, and enjoyment on the water. So, gear up with SA and get ready to make some incredible memories on your fishing journey!

    Final Thoughts

    As you gear up for your upcoming fishing adventure, don't underestimate the importance of proper fishing attire. At SA, we understand the thrill and serenity that fishing brings – that's why we're dedicated to providing you with premium fishing clothes and accessories.

    Fishing is not just a recreational hobby; it's a way of life that fosters a deep connection with nature and creates cherished memories with loved ones. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a first-time fisherman, we’re here to support your journey with the best fishing clothes and accessories. 

    Explore our collection and elevate your fishing experience today. Get ready to cast your line, reel in the excitement, and create unforgettable moments on the water! Shop for fishing clothes at SA today!

    Interested in all things fishing clothes and accessories? See:


    Can I wear regular cotton clothing for fishing?

    While cotton is comfortable, it retains moisture and can leave you feeling damp. It's better to choose moisture-wicking fabrics for fishing.

    Are fishing clothes unisex?

    Yes, many fishing clothing brands offer unisex options, suitable for both men and women.

    Are fishing clothes only for fishing purposes?

    Fishing clothes are designed for outdoor activities, making them suitable for hiking, camping, and other adventures as well.

    What's the difference between UPF and SPF?

    UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is the rating system used for clothing, while SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is used for sunscreen.

    Should I wear fishing gloves all the time?

    It's not necessary, but gloves can provide protection during activities like handling fish or handling fishing lines with sharp hooks.

    Can I wear jeans while fishing?

    Jeans are not the best choice for fishing, especially when they get wet. They can become heavy and uncomfortable, hindering your movements.

    Can I wear regular clothing for fishing?

    While it's possible to fish in regular clothing, it's recommended to invest in specialized fishing attire for added comfort and functionality.

    Are there fishing-specific sunglasses?

    Fishing sunglasses with polarized lenses help reduce glare and improve visibility in the water.

    Do I need to wear a life jacket even if I know how to swim?

    Wearing a life jacket is essential for your safety, regardless of your swimming abilities. Accidents can happen, and a life jacket can save your life.

    Can I wear camouflage clothing for fishing?

    Camouflage clothing is not necessary for most fishing situations, especially if you're not hunting. Solid-colored clothing in neutral shades is usually sufficient.