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Soul of Adventure - What makes you feel alive?

In the outdoors everyone has their own place that brings them happiness, peace and comfort. For some it's the water for others the mountains. No matter where you find happiness SA will always be with you.


Thanks to you, SA Give Back Tuesday was wildly successful — we have now decided to extend SA Gives Back for the entire month of December! 👍 For every order, SA will be donating one Face Shield® to a First Responder. It is our duty to help protect the First Responders that are protecting us from this pandemic. To learn more, visit 🤝 #ProtectAndShield 🤝 👨‍🚒👩‍⚕️👮‍♂️👨‍⚕️

SA Co. How-To: Punching Jigs for Giant Bass

On today’s episode of SA TV, SA Pro Team Captain Robert Wroblewski of Big League Charters teaches us about “punching jigs” and how to utilize this strange fishing technique to catch giant bass. This episode of SA TV was filmed in Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

MULLET RUN 2020 | INSANE Drone Footage! SA Company

The “Mullet Run” is an annual event that thousands of anglers look forward to every year in South Florida, where thousands of mullet migrate down Florida’s shorelines, and are met with ferocious and hungry predators. Thousands of mullet travel southernly in small pods, eventually forming together to make one giant ball of bait. The predators trap these mullet right up against the shoreline, and it turns into an all-out feeding frenzy, with large sharks, tarpon, snook, redfish, jacks, ladyfish, bluefish, drum, porpoises, and many other fish species all working together to eat the mullet. The Mullet Run lasts a few weeks, usually around the month of October, and anglers lucky enough to witness this rare event know how truly special and amazing it is to see it happen in person.

Fishing the Forgotten Canals of Delray Beach for Peacock Bass! w/ Pro Team Captain Ben Davis

On today’s episode of SA TV, journey with the SA Pro Team as we travel through the back canals of Delray Beach with Captain Ben Davis looking for peacock bass in “The Forgotten Canals of Delray Beach”. There are some great fish to be found in these small and often overlooked canals, from peacock bass, to cichlids, to specks, and even clown knifefish! Watch until the end to see the biggest peacock bass of the day!

SA Company’s NEW Performance Shirts!

SA’s New Performance Line features comfort fit construction for optimal range of motion. Made of UPF 50+ 4 Way Stretch Material, SA Performance Shirts are designed to keep you cool & dry even on the hottest days. With new features like mesh underarms and triple stitched flat-lock threads, SA Performance Shirts are made by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen.

Beat The SUMMER HEAT with SA!

SA Company is dedicated to bringing you the BEST protective gear this Summer! From our well known Face Shields, to our state of the art Straw Hats, we’ve got you covered at all times!

SA Donates Face Shields® During COVID-19 Pandemic

SA was built on being a team, which is why we are doing our part in the community and around the world by donating and continuing to donate thousands more of our Face Shields® for essential workers and first responders on the front lines of this pandemic.


Robby @GetSwamped Goes WILD at ZWF Miami! Baby Monkeys, Jaguars & More!!

On today’s episode of SA TV, we join Robbie Keszey of @GetSwamped as he takes on a trip with his friends to Zoological Wildlife Foundation, ZWF, in Southwest Miami, FL.


Operation Sailfish w/ Blue Tales Fishing Team

Journey with the SA ProStaff Blue Tales Fishing Team as they take on the highly regarded sailfish tournament – Operation Sailfish!


A Blue Wave Is Coming

SA is proud to announce our official partnership with Blue Tales Fishing Team! This gorgeous, one of a kind 39′ Sea Vee has a notorious reputation for being true tournament contenders.

Blue Tales will be defending their 1st place title at Dust em’ Off Sailfish Warmup next weekend.

Go get em boys!

Mission FISHIN’ – w/ RJ Boyle! – A Day Fishing With Local KIDS!

The SA Crew took to the beautiful Palm Beach, Florida inter-coastal with our good friend and local off-shore fishing LEGEND, RJ Boyle, to enjoy an awesome day of fishing with some of our local children and their families!

#NeverForget – Remembering 9/11

Eighteen years ago this week, the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93 that went down in Somerset County, Pa., brought our country together — first in shock and disbelief, and soon after in grief, and then with a common purpose. Today we honor all who lost their lives in these attacks on American soil along with all first responders who assisted during this tragedy.

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Update! WE NEED YOUR HELP! #BahamaStrong


Potential Peacock Bass Record

Monster Mike Lands A Potential Peacock Bass Record SA Tacklebox

Monster Bass at SECRET EPIC Fishing Spot

This week, Anthony leaves his kayak at home and fishes his favorite spot on foot! Watch til the end to check out the GIANT bass!

Wading for Snook in a Private Marina

This week, Capt Joey Berg and his son, Logan hit their favorite Snook spot in Ft. Myers, Florida!

Swimming With Shark Addicts

This week, SA Company took a dive with Shark Addicts Diving to experience a thrill unlike any other!

Utah Fly Fishing Part 2 – MONSTER TROUT!

Join us for part 2 of this epic trip with SA Pro Staff Ryan Copenhaver and his trusted Provo Fly Fishing guide, Chris Chastain, as they slay the trout in the beautiful rivers of Provo, Utah!

Utah Part 1 – Catching Carp on The Fly

Check out this epic look back at Ryan Copenhaver’s seasonal Fly Fishing Trip to Utah! Ryan is joined by Chris Chastain for an epic day in the ponds chasing the Invasive Asian Carp!
Tune in for Part II this Friday to witness a red hot trout bite!

Freshwater Fishing Across the United States

From the Swamps of Florida, to the Rivers of Utah, few can deny the pleasure derived from setting the perfect trap. Be it live bait or lures; sunrise or sunset; Sun or snow… Let nothing stop you from saying, “one more cast”.

A Day on The Flats w/ Ryan Copenhaver

On this episode of SA TV, our resident cameraman and outdoorsman Noah, journeyed to the west coast of South Florida for a little bit of a change of scenery. We met up with SA ProStaff Member Ryan Copenhaver at his compound for a weekend of some awesome fishing out on the flats of the west coast.

Wake Surfing – Tearing It Up @ LTS WakeBoard School

On this episode of SA TV Noah and the team took advantage of the beautiful South Florida weather to take a trip over to the LTS WakeBoard School for an awesome day on the water with SA ProStaff Member, Dean LaVelle.

Why Do YOU Hunt?

Why is it that YOU hunt? Is it for sustenance, to become one with the world around you? We invite you to take an introspective look and think about the deeper meaning of what it is you are after every time you step out into the wilderness in search of that next hunt.


SA Tackle Box Subscriptions are here! Who better to give you the details on our new Tackle than SA ProStaff Member and one of the most epic anglers on YouTube today, Monster Mike!

Monster Mike was involved in the selection of each high quality bait, so you know you’re going to have no problem landing the fatties!


We took the morning trip with SA ProStaff member Captain Chris Fay of the Poseidon Too out of Deerfield Beach, Florida to test our luck on this rainy morning.


Join us for the continuation of our awesome adventure to the Rivers of Provo Utah with SA ProStaff Ryan Copenhaver! In part 2 Ryan, Chris and Noah spend another day out on the BEAUTIFUL rivers of Provo, this time trying another “top secret” spot out of Chris’ arsenal.


In this episode, the team of SA Pro Staff Bill Lepree and friends take to the rivers to locate some of the native salmon species that are moving up river to spawn. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not just for an angler, but for anyone to see!


On this episode of SA TV the team of Bill Lepree and Ryan Copenhaver were joined by @GTBuster himself, Ben Jones, all the way from down under – Australia!


Our filmers barely made it out alive - view the leaked footage before it's removed!!

Brand new Halloween designs are here!

SA Goes to TONGA! Swimming w/ WHALES!

SA Pro Staff and Professional Under Water Photographer Cassie Jensen takes us to the beautiful island of Tonga to experience it’s abundance of natural beauty and wildlife!


Today we decided to do some “extra” product testing with out SA Face Shields™, ya know…for SCIENCE!


This week on our SA How To’s we join SA Pro Staff Bill Lepree, an absolute legend of South Florida outdoors on his unique trip deep into the Florida Everglades to hunt some unlikely prey! American BULLFROGS!


SA Pro Staff Bill Lepree of South Florida Bass Charters took some time out of his busy schedule of slaying the fish to show us his preferred way of throwing a cast net to catch bait fish!


In this in depth episode of SA How To’s, SA Pro Staff Rider Hans gives us a run down on why he chose his daily rider bike, an American Classic, the Harley Davidson Road King.


SA TV Joined our Pro Staff Member Ryan Copenhaver and close friends, The Ulmer Family for some EPIC action down in the Florida Keys for the start of Lobster Season!


Will Monster Mike land the monster MIDAS CICHLID to capture the WORLD RECORD!?

Join Monster Mike as he hops around from his favorite local secret fishing spots to hopefully locate and land the elusive record breaking fish!!

LIFT OFF with Champion Fly Boarder RUSH BRAGG

When we say 3x HydroFlight Champion Fly Boarder Rush Bragg is an ultimate bad-ass, we mean it! Fly Boarding is growing exponentially professionally, as it’s a new exciting extreme sport, but no one does it like Rush!


The team headed down to Everglades Alligator Farm to hang out with SA Pro Staff member Chandler Grant! At first glance Chandler may look like a wild man handling all those critters, but don’t let that fool you! The man is an ambassador of wildlife education down here in South Florida!


Blend in, Stand Out with our SA Company Hunting Face Shields™ and Apparel!

National Billfish Championship – 52′ VIKING!

The SA Fishing team hit the water with Captain Terry Claus and crew of The Qualifier on their beautiful 52′ VIKING to do some Kite Fishing for some elusive Sailfish.


We met up with SA Company Pro Staff Member, Adam Rizzi to show us how the water ways work – just thirty minutes south of our own headquarters.

Join us for a day of Adam absolutely SLAYING South Florida waters!

GO FAST! FMRRA Moto Races /w Sean Dwyer!

We join SA Pro Staff Rider Sean Dwyer for the FMRRA Moto Races hosted at Palm Beach International Race Way (PBIR), the competition is as fierce as they are fast. Approaching speeds of 200mph on the straight-away, and sharp corners at every turn, there is ZERO margin for error on this track.

Swimming with SHARKS! Epic Underwater Footage!

This week on SA TV our resident Alligator Wrestler and SA Pro Staff member Chandler Grant sets sail with the Shark Addicts crew for an AMAZING dive full of different species of Sharks off the South Florida coast.

A Relaxing Day With… SHARKS?!

SA TV Joined SA ProStaff @SharkAddicts on a trip out to Jupiter, FL to hopefully find and swim with some of the local shark species.


SA Co. Presents the first installment of our cinematic video series… Into The Deep.
Sit back, relax and experience the SA Offshore Lifestyle first hand in this epic footage.

Aliens Invade South Florida Water

This week, Captain Bill Lepree of South Florida Bass Charters took the SA Team out to Lake Ida and Lake Osborne chain in Delray Beach, Florida. Captain Bill has pioneered Clown Knife and Peacock Bass fishing on this lake, and has single handedly created a million dollar fresh water fishing industry just beyond it’s docks.

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