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Straw Hats vs. Bucket Hats: Your Guide To Fishing Headwear

Straw hats vs Bucket hats

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner looking to get into the sport, the right fishing gear can make a huge difference in your experience. A good fishing hat is one of the most important pieces of fishing gear to have on your person. You can choose from two main types of fishing hats: straw hats and bucket hats. 

Both straw hats and bucket hats have their advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each type of hat and help you decide which is the best choice for you. 

We’ll also provide tips on what to look for when choosing a fishing hat and how you can find the best one here at SA!

What Are Straw Hats?

Straw hats are a timeless and classic choice for fishing headwear. Not only do they look great, but they also provide excellent protection from the sun while being both lightweight and breathable. 

They are often designed with wide brims, which can help to block out the sun’s rays. Straw hats are durable and can last long if cared for properly. 


Straw hats


Benefits Of Straw Hats

Straw hats are a great choice for fishing gear apparel because of their lightweight and breathable material. They’re made from natural materials such as hand woven natural straw, which make them the perfect choice for keeping your head cool and comfortable in warm weather.

The wide brim of a straw hat will provide excellent coverage from the sun’s rays, while the breathable material will keep your head cool. Straw hats are also extremely lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for those who don’t want to lug around a heavy hat. 

Thanks to their versatility, straw hats can be paired with outdoor clothing choices so you can stay cool and comfortable. They come in many colors to further customize your look, allowing you to find the perfect hat to match your fishing gear apparel. 


Benefits of straw hats

What Are Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats are a type of headwear that is typically made from a soft material such as cotton or polyester. They have a wide brim and a rounded crown and are often worn to protect the wearer from the sun. Bucket hats have been around since the 19th century but have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

They are commonly used for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. A lot of the appeal is around the protection from the sun, wind, and rain while still allowing the wearer to remain cool and comfortable.


Bucket hats


Benefits Of Bucket Hats 

Bucket hats come in many colors and styles, making them a great choice for any angler. The brim of a bucket hat is wide enough to provide excellent protection from the sun, and the material is breathable enough to keep you cool in the heat. 

Anglers love them because of how lightweight and easy to pack they are. Bucket hats are also versatile and can be worn for hiking, camping, and even everyday errands. 

They are made from strong and durable materials, such as polyester (a moisture-wicking performance material), designed to protect you from the sun and rain and will last for years. 


Benefits of Bucket hats

Types Of Straw Hats

There are different styles and materials to choose from if you’re looking for a straw hat. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, there’s a straw hat to suit your style.

  • Classic Under Brim Straw Hat: With SA Straw Hats, your face will be shaded from the sun as you embark on a full day outdoors. With high-quality straw and an internal headband, this hat will deliver performance, comfort, and style.

    • Shell: Natural Straw
    • Under Brim: 100% Polyester

  • Palm Straw Hat: SA brings you our classic Straw Hat made with premium Natural Palm Straw. The palm straw provides enhanced durability and style by being tightly hand woven. The crown liner provides additional sun protection of UPF 50+ while outdoors. Enjoy your adventure from sunrise to sunset with the SA Palm Straw Hats.

    • Shell: Natural Chamaedorea Palm Straw 
    • Under Brim: 100% Microfiber Polyester

  • Cowboy Straw Hat: The SA Cowboy Straw Hat delivers a classic style and excellent sun protection. It is made with high-quality straw and an internal headband for comfort. It's the perfect combination of style and comfort. Enjoy your adventure in the outdoors today.

    • Shell: Natural Straw
    • Under Brim: 100% Polyester 

  • Ladder Straw Hat: Stay protected from the sun in style with the Alpha Defense Ladder Straw Hat. With the shield front and center, this hat will deliver a comfortable fit made from straw. Keep your face shaded from the sun as you embark on a full day outdoors. 

    • Shell: Natural Straw
    • Under Brim: 100% Polyester
No matter what type of straw hat you choose, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your style. You may even want to opt for a wide-brimmed, classic straw hat from SA if that matches your needs best!

Types Of Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a popular choice for fishing headwear due to their versatility and comfort. 

The classic bucket hat is a timeless style that is perfect for sunny days on the water. It is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that helps protect your head and face from the sun. It features a wide brim and a drawstring around the crown to help keep it secure. 

This style is available in various colors and prints, making it easy to find one that matches your fishing gear. 

Straw Hats vs. Bucket Hats: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to fishing headwear, there can be some confusion between a straw hat and a bucket hat. While both are great for keeping the sun off your face and neck, there are some key differences between the two. 

A straw hat is designed to protect from the elements. It’s typically made from lightweight, materials such as straw or seagrass. The brim of a straw hat is wide and usually provides extra protection from the sun. The brim is also stiffer than a bucket hat, making it more effective at blocking the sun’s rays.

A bucket hat, on the other hand, is a more casual style of hat. The brim of a bucket hat is usually shorter and designed to be softer and more flexible, which makes it more comfortable to wear in warmer weather. 

Choose the right hat for the weather and your needs. If you are looking for a hat that will provide the most protection from the sun, then a straw hat is the best choice. If you are looking for a more casual style that is comfortable in warmer weather but still keeps you protected from the sun, a bucket hat is the way to go.

What Should I Choose? Straw Hats Or Bucket Hats?

If you are looking for the perfect fishing hat, you may find yourself stuck between two options: straw hats and bucket hats. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so to consider your needs and preferences before making a decision. 

When deciding between straw hats and bucket hats, consider the weather conditions and the type of fishing you’ll be doing. If you’re fishing in hot and sunny weather, a straw hat is the way to go. However, if you're fishing in wet or sunny weather, a bucket hat is the better choice. 

Ultimately, the choice between straw and bucket hats is personal. Consider your needs and preferences, and choose the hat that will best suit your fishing needs.

What To Look For In Choosing Straw Hats And Bucket Hats?

A few key factors to consider when looking for the perfect fishing hat. Straw hats and bucket hats both offer their own unique benefits, so consider what you need from your fishing hat before making a decision. 

For straw hats, the two main things to look for are breathability and sun protection. Straw hats are incredibly lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot summer days. They also provide excellent sun protection, as the wide brim helps to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your neck. 

Bucket hats, on the other hand, offer a different set of benefits. They are typically made of performance material, ideal for various conditions from rain to sun in the outdoors. 

Where Can I Buy The Best Straw Hats Or Bucket Hats?

When buying the best straw or bucket hats for fishing, consider both quality and price. 

For those who prefer to shop online, there are many online retailers that specialize in fishing gear apparel. At SA, we offer hats ranging in style for men and women – check out our offerings for men and women below:

Additionally, look for hats that are comfortable and offer good coverage from the sun. Finally, make sure to check the return policy before making a purchase in case the hat doesn’t fit, or you’re not happy with it. 

By taking the time to shop around and compare prices, you’ll be able to find the perfect straw or bucket hat for your next fishing trip.

SA the Durable and quality hat brand

Final Thoughts

Choosing between straw hats and bucket hats for fishing headwear depends on what you're looking for in terms of weather, comfort, and style. However, you also want to consider where you shop for your next hat. Start here with Soul of Adventure. 

Soul of Adventure offers all the high-quality gear you need to get the most out of your outdoor adventures. From straw hats to bucket hats and beyond, we have you covered. Better yet, we offer a free $25 gift with all-pack deals, free shipping on orders over $55, and 15% off your order when you sign up for our e-newsletter. 

Shop now, or reach out to us if you have any questions!



Are bucket hats or caps better?

It depends on your preference. Bucket hats provide more coverage and can be more comfortable in the summer heat, while caps have front bill to that can protect from the sun.  

Are bucket hats for summer or winter?

Bucket hats are great for both summer and winter. They provide protection from the sun in the summer and keep your head protected and dry in the winter. 

Can millennials wear bucket hats?

Absolutely! Bucket hats are becoming increasingly popular among millennials as a stylish and functional accessory to have while fishing. 

How long do straw hats last?

Straw hats can last for many years if they are well cared for. Regularly brushing the straw with a soft-bristled brush and storing the hat in a cool, dry place can help extend its lifespan.