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Shannon Wolff

Shannon Wolff installing a trail camera onto a tree while wearing a pink and black face shield over her face.
Shannon Wolff with a face shield around her neck, fishing with a fishing rod next to a body of water.
Shannon Wolff starring into the camera while wearing a pink camo face shield over her face and a hat.
Shannon Wolff wearing a pink and black face shield over her face and shouldering a shotgun.

Meet Shannon Wolff, the incredible Pennsylvanian sportswomen that loves hunting and the outdoors.

Shannon grew up in the small, one stoplight town of Cochranton, and has lived there her whole life. When she was a young girl, all of the men in her family went hunting one weekend and she stayed with her great Aunt. When they returned, the men were proudly showing off their beautiful buck and sat around and told hunting stories. Shannon sat on the edge of her seat, fascinated. Finally, she looked at her grandfather and said, “Why don’t I get to go?” He laughed and said, “Next year, kid, you got it!”

The next year, at 12 years old, Shannon went along for her first hunt. They came up unsuccessful, with nothing to show except for cold toes, but Shannon loved it. She was hooked. Every year after that, she hunted with her grandfather, loving the bonding time she spent with him and the outdoors.

One year, her grandfather unexpectedly passed. Shannon was devastated, and she threw in the towel. She gave up hunting completely, either because she thought that she couldn’t hunt on her own, or it reminded her too much of her grandfather. Years passed, until one day, her grandmother gave her his countless books of hunting notes, and through reading them, it inspired her to try hunting again.

The rest is history.

Countless trips later, and Shannon is now a successful hunter and outdoorswomen. Her favorite hunt was during her most recent archery season, where she shot her first buck with her bow, which turned into a wild chase, a memory that her and her family will never forget.

Her favorite SA gear are the Face Shields, particularly the camo ones, as they are perfect for concealing her face in any hunting scenario, as well as keeping her protected from the sun, the bugs, and the cold. Another favorite of hers are the long sleeve lightweight performance shirts, which are perfect for summer target practice.

Whether it’s hunting for deer or hiking with her dogs, Shannon hopes to make many more hunting and outdoors memories in the beautiful Pennsylvania wilderness.


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