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Sally Higgs

Sally Higgs wearing a face shield as a headband, and another lady scuba diving with a school of fish.
Sally Higgs in scuba gear, wearing a face shield as a headband, posing with a sea turtle.
Sally Higgs snorkeling next to a reef wearing scuba gear and a face shield as a headband
Sally Higgs in scuba gear, wearing a face shield as a headband, posing with a sea turtle.
Sally Higgs, on a boat, smiling at the camera wearing scuba gear and a face shield as a headband.

If you believe that mermaids aren’t real, then that’s just because you have never met Sally Higgs.

At the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef, a couple atmospheric pressures down, amongst the corals, amongst the anemones, amongst the sea rays, amongst the groupers, amongst the snappers, amongst the sea turtles, amongst little reef fish smaller than your hand, in a world devoid of sound in the world’s largest aquarium — this is where Sally is most comfortable.

Sally grew up in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and moved to Cairns, Australia a little over 3 years ago. Her boyfriend, working as a commercial crayfish diver for 6 years, introduced her to diving, and she immediately loved it. She was fortunate enough to obtain a job on the boat “Evolution”, part of Down Under Cruise and Dive. It is here where she learned so much about diving and where she truly discovered her passion.

Her favorite underwater creature, like many others, is the sea turtle. Sally believes that each sea turtle she meets on the Great Barrier Reef has their own unique and amazing personality, and she loves taking underwater photos with them. The sea turtles must be attracted to Sally’s positive energy, because it almost feels like the sea turtles smile in the photos with her. Beyond just the sea turtles, the Great Barrier Reef is her favorite place to dive. The beauty and diversity of the reef and creatures that live among it are unmatched, and many wonderful memories have been made on the reef.

Sally’s favorite SA products are the Face Shields, except she uses hers mostly as a headband while diving. Like a mermaid, Sally has very long hair that she likes to tie up to keep protected while diving from the reef and to prevent breakage. She has many different colors and patterns of Face Shields that she has a different one for each diving suit and bikini she wears.

Look for Sally at the bottom of the ocean where she is getting her daily dose of Vitamin Sea.


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