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Summer is upon us, and in most areas, that means lots of sun exposure. We need the sun to help our bodies make vitamin D, but too much is painful and dangerous. You or someone you know has had that sunburn that has left them looking like an Oompa Loompa. No matter which way you sit, lay or move, it stings. And that is before you start shedding skin like a snake. So avoid the aloe vera bath and protect yourself from the beginning.

Once you've covered your exposed extremities with high SPF sunscreen, you need to look at how to protect yourself while looking good.

Activities that keep you out of the shade, like fishing, need particular attention to what you wear. Clothing with a high UPF rating will keep you from getting burned even if you spend hours under the sun the broiling sun.

Straw Hats. A man with a white SA Company performance shirt, an American flag face shield around his neck and a SA Company straw hat with the American flag under brim, looking into the camera.

Look good while staying protected with a wide-brimmed straw hat that has a UPF rating of 50+. Our handwoven straw hats offer 360-degree protection from the sun while being light and cool. In addition, the wide brim protects your face, ears, and the back of your neck.

The built-in sweatband helps keep the sweat out of your eyes. And when the wind picks up, the adjustable cord will allow you to cinch it down under your chin so your hat doesn't end up flying across the lake.

Like most of our products, we have a ton of print designs to appeal to any taste. Under the brim of our straw hat is home to our unique prints as well as the head badge. This hat is a stylish piece of sun protection for both men and women.

Performance Shirts. A man posing with a Mahi-mahi  printed performance shirt.

In the heat of summer, we want to stay cool while being protected from the sun. Our performance shirt will help you accomplish both of these aims while looking good.

Quick-drying wicking fabric breathes while offering UPF 50+ sun protection. In addition, mesh panels under the arms and sides promote cooling without compromising sun protection. Finally, you can get our performance shirt with a light hood to protect your neck for extra protection.

We have designs for women and men. Great for a day of fishing or a coverup at the beach.

Performance Bucket Hats. A lady and a man wearing performance shirts and silver performance bucket hats.

If the straw hat isn't your style, but you still want more sun protection than a baseball cap, our Performance Bucket Hat might hit the spot.

We make our bucket hat from moisture-wicking polyester fabric, which offers UPF 50+ sun protection. The wide brim protects your face and neck from the sun. In addition, the brim is foam, so your hat will float in the water if it falls off or you accidentally take a dunk.

The adjustable headband and neck strap help secure your hat to your head and adjust it to a wide range of sizes.

Arm Shields. A man on motorcycle wearing American arm shields on both arms.

When you don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt but still need sun protection, you can don a pair of our arm shields. With UPF 30+, our lightweight microfiber with a 4-way stretch protects from the sun, wicks moisture, and helps keep you cool.

Compact enough to put in your pocket, you can have them ready when the sun gets too much.

Like all of our products, they come in a variety of prints to match your style.

Face Shields. A man wearing a performance shirt with the American flag sleeve and an American flag face shield over his face.

Our Face Shields are what put us on the map. You get UPF 30+ protection in a comfortable tube-style neck gaiter.

Protect your face from sun and windburn while sporting the wildest designs. Skulls and camo to solids and flowers, we have a face shield for everyone in the family.

In addition to being sun protection, they are great as part of your camo when hunting or to keep the sweat out of your eyes when working out.

Our Face Shields are wicking and quick drying with countless uses beyond sun protection.And we promise they won't wear out with our lifetime warranty.

At SA Fishing, we have you covered when playing outdoors and staying safe from the sun. And remember, if you are wearing sandals, put sunscreen on your feet.

Nothing is worse than lousy tan lines and a sunburn on the top of your feet.