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Choose Your Adventure: Trailing Gear

The Angler’s guide to fishing gear

Picture this: as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with a warm, golden glow, you stand on the edge of a vast forest. Its towering trees reach for the heavens, their branches woven together like a natural tapestry. The forest invites you to explore its depths, promising a world full of wonder and adventure.

Equipped with your reliable trailing gear, meticulously crafted for exploration, you feel prepared to face any challenge, uncover mysteries, and embrace the wild beauty of nature. This gear is no ordinary equipment; it reflects your passion for discovery, built to withstand tough terrains and unlock nature's hidden secrets.

As you venture deeper into the wilderness, your gear becomes your trusty sidekick, boasting secret compartments that seemed almost magical in their ability to hold everything you needed. 

Come, let's embark on a thrilling adventure, ready to uncover the wonders and enigmas that lie within the depths of the natural world. Join the SA community and uncover our carefully crafted gears, specifically designed to endure the challenges of the most untamed landscapes and reveal the hidden treasures concealed by Mother Nature. Whether you're scaling mountains, diving into the depths of the ocean, or trekking through untouched wilderness, SA has something in store.

Why Choose SA? 

There’s nothing more freeing than adventure -- the last-minute plane ticket, the road trip with no destination, or the boat ride on your home waters.

Experiencing the raw beauty our world has to offer is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s being present in the moment, feeling alive in the outdoors, and being free in your soul.

From the ocean waves to the mountain peaks, from the everyday adventure to a flight across the globe, we are with you from sunrise to sunset. The SA shield is more than just a look, it’s a tie to a global community, all searching for the next big adventure.


SA Hooded Performance Long Sleeve Shirt, SA Graphic Tee, SA Performance Long Sleeve Shirt

Performance Long Sleeve Shirt- Going for a hike can be muggy and buggy. But it doesn’t have to be! The SA Performance Long Sleeve Shirt is the perfect solution to not only keep you cool and dry but protect your skin from those creepy crawlers hanging around the forest. Keep those ticks at bay and off your skin by covering up for a long (or short) expedition! 


  • Relaxed fit for active comfort 
  • Strategically placed mesh paneling for vented air flow and cooling 
  • Unique prints for outdoor enthusiasts 
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
  • Layer of fabric between yourself and the outdoor elements 
  • Fabric moves moisture away from skin for rapid evaporation to keep you comfortable 

Graphic Tee- This classic graphic tee is the perfect clothing item to wear on a perfect day in the countryside. Not only is it breathable with an ultra-soft blend of cotton ad polyester, but this shirt has a flexible fit for maximum comfort. 


  • Classic short sleeve tee with the flexible fit for active comfort 
  • Breathable ultra-soft polyester and cotton jersey 
  • Unique prints for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Layer of fabric between yourself and the outdoor elements 

Hooded Performance Shirt- Whether this hike is uphill or downhill, the SA Hooded Performance Shirt features a relaxed fit construction for optimal range of motion. The hooded performance shier is designed to protect the skin from additional sun and wind, keeping your skin protected at all times. The hood allows your skin to soak up the suns rays, while also protecting it!


  • Relaxed Fit for active comfort 
  • Strategically placed mesh paneling for vented air flow and cooling 
  • Unique prints for outdoor enthusiasts
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
  • Comfort fit hood for additional face, ear, and neck protection in sun and wind 
  • Layer of fabric between yourself and the outdoor elements 
  • Fabric moves moisture away from skin for rapid evaporation to keep you comfortable 



SA Under Brim Straw Hat, SA Bucket Hat, SA Performance Snap Back

Performance Snap Back - While this snapback is the perfect final touch to your completed hiking look and serves as quite the fashion statement, it is one of the most essential things you can wear while on your expedition. Whether your hiking up a mountain or just going for a nice stroll, the SA Performance Snap Back has side panels that have laser-perforated mesh for ultimate breathability and a premium look. The internal sweatband is made of moisture-wicking and quick-dry mesh, which will keep you cool and dry. 


  • Moisture wicking and quick dry material 
  • Water Repellent front crown and side panels 
  • Laser perforated mesh back panels for ultimate breathability 
  • Moisture wicking and quick dry mesh inside sweatband to help keep you cool 
  • Hi-density silicone front patch 
  • Matching plastic snapback closure 
  • UPF 30+ Sun Protection 

Bucket Hat - Our bucket hats are the perfect choice when deciding what hat to wear when enduring on one tiresome expedition. What makes this hat so special is its versatility. Not only is the bucket hat perfect for packability when you feel like you want to stow it away and catch some rays, but its soft and floatable brim allows the hat to float in water, so it can be worn in or out of the lake or pond! 


  • Soft and foldable foam brim to allow the hat to float in water
  • Embroidered eyelets for ventilation
  • Adjustable bungee headband and neck strap
  • Hi-density silicone front patch
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
  • Wide brim for 360-degrees of coverage

Straw Hat- As the sun gets stronger, and the walk gets longer, it is important to protect our face from the sun as you embark on a full day of adventure. A straw hat is a perfect way to not only shield your face but feel good while doing it. Say goodbye to sunburns! 


  • Hand woven natural straw which makes each hat unique 
  • Crown liner applied for additional sun protection 
  • SA designed sewn patch front and center 
  • Drawcord with lock for tightening for those breeze days
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
  • Wide brim for 360 degrees of coverage 



SA Cooling Towel, SA Boca Sunglasses

Boca Sunglasses - The Boca frames blend West Coast style lines and frame shape with edgy curved temples that's up for any adventure, uphill or downhill. This medium-style frame features a polycarbonate construction, and fully polarized 100% UV Protection Lenses Anti-Glare so you can enjoy any outdoor experience and detail.


  • Unique designs
  • SA Microfiber bag + box included
  • Laser etched branding detail on lens
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • 100% UV Protection + Anti-Glare

Cooling Towels- A day for a hike calls for a cool down outdoors. This multi-functional cooling towel can be used to dry or wipe away any sweat or dirt from your face and can be used to cool down. To activate and activate, just simply submerged the towel in water, wring out the excess water, and drape around your neck or head for a cooling sensation. 


  • Cool and soft hand fabric to cool you off during any activity 
  • Use as a dry towel to wipe off sweat and water easily with quick absorbing and drying fabric 
  • Use as a wet towel to wrap around head or neck for instant cool down 
  • Locker loop on back to hang for easy and quick dry 
  • 100% Polyester Mock Mesh 
  • Machine washable 

Artemis Dog Harness by 221B Tactical, Venture Packable Daypacl Backpack  by 221B Tactical

221B Tactical (fulfilled by our friends here at 221B Tactical!)

Venture Packable Daypack Backpack- ​​The 221B Tactical Venture Packable Daypack Backpack is the perfect travel companion for your expedition. Its compact, lightweight, and pancake form allows for all your needs to be easily packed and unpacked without being heavy or bulky on your back. 


  • Packable stuff-sac design 
  • Transforms into a comfortable daypack 
  • Lightweight yet durable construction 
  • Doubles as a travel pillow 
  • Compact 
  • Incredible storage: 22L 
  • All day comfort while on the go 
  • 221B patch included

Artemis Dog Harness- The Artemis Dog Harness has a no pull, no tug, no choke adjustable fabric that allows your pooch to feel free all day long. Your dog can say goodbye to heat exhaustion as this harness can make them feel secure and comfortable. This unique, ultra-light material offers 100% increase in air flow and breathability in comparison to traditional dog harnesses. 


  • 100% breathable Maxx-Dri Construction 
  • No pull
  • No tug
  • No choke / Anti-choke dog harness 
  • Heavy duty top control handle 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Molle webbing 
  • Velcro 
  • Two lead/leash attachment points 
  • Anti-odor 
  • Machine Washable 

The Adventurer’s Q&A: All Things Hiking 


Does hiking tone your legs?

Hiking can help tone your legs as it engages various muscles, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, due to the uneven terrain and inclines involved in the activity.


Why does my body hurt after hiking?

Body pain after hiking can be caused by several factors, including muscle soreness from the physical exertion, joint strain from uneven terrain, or fatigue due to prolonged activity.


How often should I go hiking?

The frequency of hiking depends on your fitness level, schedule, and personal goals. It's generally recommended to start with shorter hikes once or twice a week and gradually increase the frequency as you build stamina and endurance.


How long should my first hike be?

The length of your first hike should be based on your fitness level and the trail difficulty. It's advisable to start with a shorter hike of around 2-3 miles to gauge your comfort level and gradually increase the distance as you become more experienced.


Which of the following are four essential things needed when hiking?

Four essential things needed when hiking are appropriate footwear, sufficient water, a map or navigation tools, and appropriate clothing layers for weather conditions.


Should I wear tight or loose clothes for hiking?

When hiking, it's generally recommended to wear comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose to allow freedom of movement while providing protection and comfort.


Can you wear normal clothes to hike?

While specialized hiking clothing can offer advantages like moisture-wicking and durability, you can wear regular comfortable clothing for less demanding hikes, as long as they provide adequate comfort and protection.


Why is activewear so expensive?

Activewear can be more expensive due to factors such as the quality of materials used, advanced technologies for moisture-wicking and breathability, and branding/marketing strategies that target a specific market segment willing to pay a premium for performance-oriented clothing.


Should you wear makeup on a hike?

It's generally advisable to avoid wearing heavy makeup on a hike, as it can clog pores and make it difficult for your skin to breathe. Opt for minimal makeup or none at all to allow your skin to stay fresh and breathe easily during physical activity.


What is the best material for hiking pants?

The best material for hiking pants is often a durable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking fabric such as nylon or polyester. These materials offer good breathability, flexibility, and protection against the elements, making them suitable for various hiking conditions.