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Choose Your Adventure: The Angler’s Guide To Fishing Gear

The Angler’s guide to fishing gear

Picture it: a beautiful day on the water and fish aplenty as you relax and let the week's worries melt away. Bottom line, you’re at ease and comfortable. 

While the clothes certainly do not make the angler, they do help!

The latest in our Choose Your Adventure series highlights everything an angler needs to enjoy a day on the water, whether you’re an expert at fly fishing or a beginner with bait fishing. There’s no wrong way to gear up for your next fishing adventure, but why not check out some of the most efficient (and protective) items on the market?

At SA, we pride ourselves on the movement of adventure, but before you take to open waters, consider what to pack first, from apparel to headwear and even fishing gear!

Why Choose SA? 

There’s nothing more freeing than adventure -- the last-minute plane ticket, the road trip with no destination, or the boat ride on your home waters.

Experiencing the raw beauty our world has to offer is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s being present in the moment, feeling alive in the outdoors, and being free in your soul.

From the ocean waves to the mountain peaks, from the everyday adventure to a flight across the globe, we are with you from sunrise to sunset. The SA shield is more than just a look, it’s a tie to a global community, all searching for the next big adventure.


SA Graphic Tee, SA Board Shorts, SA Performance Long Sleeve Shirt


Performance Shirt - Hot days on the water are wonderful for the soul, but the skin, not so much. Try the SA Performance Shirt, designed to keep you cool and dry even on the hottest days. With features like mesh underarms and soft nylon threads, this UPF 50+ shirt is bright enough to spot anywhere, but comfortable enough for any range of motion needed. 


  • Relaxed Fit for active comfort
  • Strategically placed mesh paneling for vented air flow and cooling
  • Unique prints for outdoor enthusiasts

SA Board Shorts - No surfer knowledge required with these board shorts! SA Board Shorts are sure to make you stand out from the rest. Featuring feather-light performance 4-way stretch durable woven moisture wicking material. Built with a drawstring waistband and three pockets with zippers for all your needs. Get into the water and enjoy your adventure.


  • Performance 4-way stretch durable woven moisture wicking material
  • Mid-Length, 9" inseam and 20" outseam
  • 3-zipper pockets to keep your belonging secure
  • Wearer's right side tool pocket reinforced with heavy duty woven material Secure closure waistband with velcro and silicone gripper drawcord
  • Subtle branding with blackout woven or rubber label and rubber tab
  • Machine Washable


SA Under Brim Straw Hat, SA Bucket Hat, SA Performance Snap Back

Classic Straw Hat - Again, a sunny day is wonderful for fishing, but the sunburn that follows is not. So, with that, try out the SA Classic Straw Hat to shade your face from the sun as you embark on a full day outdoors. With high-quality straw and an internal head band, this hat will deliver performance, comfort, and style.


  • Hand woven natural straw which makes each hat unique
  • Crown liner applied for additional sun protection
  • SA designed sewn patch front and center
  • Drawcord with lock for tightening for those breeze days
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 

Bucket Hat - This isn’t your run of the mill fishing hat, the SA Bucket Hat delivers a comfortable fit made from moisture wicking performance fabric while keeping the sun off your face. The soft and foldable foam brim allows the hat to float in water while the wide brim provides 360 degrees of sun coverage. 


  • Soft and foldable foam brim to allow hat to float in water
  • Embroidered eyelets for ventilation
  • Adjustable bungee headband and neck strap
  • Hi-density silicone front patch
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 

Performance Snap Back Hat - Quick day on the lake but need some protection? Look no further than the SA Performance Snap Back Hat! Built with high performance materials this will be a go to staple for any activity. The front crown and side panels are made of water repellent material. In addition, the side panels are laser perforated mesh for ultimate breathability and a premium look. The internal sweatband is made of moisture wicking and quick dry mesh which will keep you cool and dry. 


  • Moisture wicking and quick dry material
  • Water Repellent front crown and side panels
  • Laser perforated mesh back panels for ultimate breathability
  • Moisture wicking and quick dry mesh inside sweatband to help keep you cool
  • Hi-density silicone front patch
  • Matching plastic snapback closure
  • UPF 30+ Sun Protection 



SA Silicone Ring, SA Boca Game Day Sunglasses, SA Performance Shield

Silicone Ring - Past rings sleeping with the fish? Not anymore! With our SA Silicone Rings you’ll have no worries of losing your ring while fishing. SA Silicone Rings are the safest and most comfortable rings you can get. Keep your hands safe when you’re up and bout, whether you’re fishing, hunting, playing sports or working. Our silicone rings are designed with your comfort and safety in mind.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medical Grade
  • Internal Grooves
  • Safe & Durable
  • Lightweight & Comfortable 

Boca Sunglasses - The Boca frames blend West Coast style lines and frame shape with edgy curved temples that's up for any adventure, on or off the water. This medium style frame features a polycarbonate construction, and fully polarized 100% UV Protection Lenses Anti-Glare so you can enjoy any outdoor experience and soak up every detail while soaking up the sun.


  • Unique designs
  • SA Microfiber bag + box included
  • Laser etched branding detail on lens
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • 100% UV Protection + Anti-Glare

SA Performance Face Shields® - Harsh conditions be gone – believe us, your face will thank you – with the SA Performance Face Shields. They are designed to protect your face from harsh conditions in the outdoors. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable and cooling which will keep your face and neck protected from the sun, wind, bugs, cold or harsh heat conditions. The ultra stretch fabric allows you to easily adjust and reposition the shield as needed. Get outside today with the Performance Face Shields. 


  • Ultra Stretch, Quick Dry Fabric
  • Clean finish hem on top and bottom edges
  • Multi-use for various conditions and activities
  • Cooling technology to keep you comfortable in harsh heat
  • Protects against sun, wind, bugs, cold and dust
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • UPF 30+ Sun Protection 

JHFLYCO Standard Nymph Box, JHFLYCO Sling Pack, JHFLYCO Adjustable Mesh Fishing Vest

Jackson Hole Fly Company (fulfilled by our friends here at JHFLYCO!)

Nymph Box - ​​The JHFLYCO Foam Fly Box with eight standard nymph patterns that will work in almost any fly fishing conditions. 


  • 3 x Beadhead Green Drake #12 (164-12)
  • 3 x Beadhead Prince Nymph #14 (167-14)
  • 3 x Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear #16 (834-16)
  • 3 x Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail #16 (835-16)
  • 3 x Conehead Rootbeer Rubber Legs #10 (949-10)
  • 3 x Tungsten Bead Purple Duracell Jig #14 (2020-14)
  • 3 x Beadhead Micro Golden Stone #12 (2026-12)
  • 3 x Tungsten Bead Rainbow Warrior Jig #18 (2050-18)

Aluminum Fly Box - A multi-compartment aluminum fly box with high-density EVA for holding all your flies and an assortment of nymphs. Laser-engraved with the original JHFLYCO logo.

Sling Pack - The JHFLYCO Sling Pack allows the angler to wear it over one shoulder, completely out of the way, while allowing quick and easy access to gear. 13L means enough space for your gear—fly boxes, rain jackets, and lunch. 


  • Foam-padded, streamlined design shoulder strap for all-day comfort
  • Breathable back panel to keep you cool at all times
  • D-ring for landing net or tippet holder
  • Built-in fly patch 

Adjustable Mesh Fishing Vest - The JHFLYCO Adjustable Mesh Fishing Vest is light, comfortable, and can accommodate your fly boxes, fishing tools, and any other gear for a day on the water. With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, this vest can fit most anglers. 


  • Cushioned shoulders for extra comfort 
  • Breathable mesh ventilation 
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps 
  • Looped zipper pulls 
  • Vertical fly box pockets 
  • Zippered inside, side, and back storage pockets 
  • Velcro for removable fly patch -D-ring for landing net 
  • Additional loops for fishing tools and accessories Imported

The Adventurer’s Q&A: All Things Fishing 


What time of year is best to buy fishing gear?

The best time of year to buy fishing gear is typically before the start of the fishing season. Shopping before the season can help you get the best deals on new tackle, rods and other fishing gear. You can also take advantage of end of season sales to get great deals. It is also a good idea to visit local tackle shops, or attend outdoor expos to get the best prices. Additionally, you can often find great deals online and through online stores. Shopping around and comparing prices can help you get the best deals on fishing gear.


In which season do fishermen not go fishing?

Fishermen typically do not go fishing during the winter season. This is because the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight can make the fishing conditions unfavorable. Additionally, the lakes and rivers may be frozen over, making fishing difficult. Furthermore, the fish may be in a hibernation state and not be actively biting. Even if the water is not frozen, it may be too cold for the fish to be active. Finally, some areas may have seasonal fishing restrictions during the winter months, making it illegal to fish.


What do you put in a fishing backpack?

A fishing backpack should contain all of the necessary items for a successful fishing trip, such as a fishing rod, tackle, lures, bait, a net, and a first aid kit. It's also a good idea to include a few snacks and a water bottle in case you're out for an extended period of time. Finally, make sure to bring a map of the area, so you don't get lost or accidentally trespass on someone else's land.


Is fishing better day or night?

It depends on the type of fish you are trying to catch. During the day, certain fish like bass may be more active and easier to catch. At night, you may have more luck with fish that feed closer to the surface, like catfish.


Does fishing rod size matter?

Yes, fishing rod size does matter. The type and size of rod you use can affect the overall success of your fishing trip. Different types of fish require different types of rods and line, so it's important to select a rod that is suitable for the type of fish you are targeting.


How much money is spent on fishing gear?

It depends on the type of fishing you plan to do and your budget. You should consider quality and function when choosing your fishing gear. Generally, you should start with the basics and build up as your skills and budget allow.


What shirts are best for fishing?

Lightweight, moisture-wicking shirts are the best choice for fishing. These shirts are designed to help keep you cool and dry even in hot, humid conditions. Look for shirts with UPF protection, as well, to keep you safe from the sun's rays.


Which is better for fishing, bucket hat or straw hat?

It really depends on the type of fishing you are doing and the conditions. A bucket hat is often better for keeping the sun off your face and neck, while a straw hat is usually more lightweight and breathable. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference and what works best for the individual.


Is a higher gear ratio better for fishing?

Generally, a higher gear ratio is better for fishing because it allows the angler to retrieve their bait or lure more quickly. This can be important when fishing for species that feed near the surface or in deeper waters. Additionally, a higher gear ratio can be beneficial when trying to pick up and drop lures or baits quickly.


What is the easiest fishing style?

The easiest fishing style is probably spin fishing, as it is relatively easy to set up and use. It involves using an artificial lure on a spinning rod and reel to catch fish. Spin fishing is also a great introductory style for beginners, as it does not require a lot of specialized gear or technique.