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Choose Your Adventure: Boating


Picture this: you're surrounded by a crew of intrepid adventurers, united by a shared love for the sea and a thirst for exploration. The boat hums with anticipation as if it has a secret it's dying to share with you. 

Will you navigate the calm waters, discovering hidden coves and pristine beaches where you can drop anchor and soak up the sun like a contented sea lion? Or will you unleash your inner captain, braving the untamed waves and embracing the wild side of boating?

In this thrilling installment of our Choose Your Adventure series, we have curated everything you need to make the most of your aquatic escapades. Whether you yearn for the serene tranquility of the ocean or crave an adrenaline rush that would make the ocean raise an eyebrow, SA has your back.

But before you set sail, take a moment to consider the essential items that will make your voyage smooth sailing. From fashionable apparel to practical headwear and gear. We've got you covered from bow to stern.

Will you opt for ultimate relaxation, sinking your toes into the sand as you soak up the sun's golden rays? Or do you crave excitement, ready to ride the waves on a jet ski and feel the rush of speed and freedom?

In this thrilling installment of our Choose Your Adventure series, we have curated everything you need to maximize your day on the water. Whether you seek tranquility or an adrenaline rush, SA has you covered.

We understand the magnetic pull of adventure and are here to ensure you have an unforgettable beach day. Before you set sail on the open waters or embrace the tranquility of the seaside, take a moment to consider what essentials you need to pack. We've got you covered, from stylish apparel to practical headwear and gear!

Why Choose SA? 

There’s nothing more freeing than adventure -- the last-minute plane ticket, the road trip with no destination, or the boat ride on your home waters.

Experiencing the raw beauty our world has to offer is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s being present in the moment, feeling alive in the outdoors, and being free in your soul.

From the ocean waves to the mountain peaks, from the everyday adventure to a flight across the globe, we are with you from sunrise to sunset. The SA shield is more than just a look, it’s a tie to a global community, all searching for the next big adventure.



SA Performance Long Sleeve Shirt, SA Performance Dress, SA Swim Trunks

Performance Shirts- The SA Performance Shirt is designed to keep you cool and dry on the hottest days, with features like mesh underarms and soft nylon threads. It is bright and comfortable for any range of motion.


  • Relaxed Fit for active comfort
  • Strategically placed mesh paneling for vented air flow and cooling
  • Unique prints for outdoor enthusiasts

Swim Trunks- The SA Swim Trunks are fashionable, functional, and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Featuring a tough, woven, performance 4-way stretch material that wicks sweat, these trunks are built with a two-way drawstring elastic waistband and a lightweight performance mesh inner short. Enter the water while you take pleasure in your adventure.


  • Performance 4-way stretch durable woven moisture-wicking material 
  • Classic length, 6 ½’” inseam 
  • 3-pockets added to store belongings
  • Lightweight performance mesh located inside the shorts to provide breathability and support 
  • Elastic waistband with two-way drawstring
  • Subtle branding with blackout woven label 

Performance Dresses- SA's Performance Dress is the perfect piece to wear anytime, anywhere! It is perfect for a breezy day on the waves and a great coverup over swimwear as well!  With adjustable side drawcords and half zip mock, you can customize your style, whether on or off the boat. 


  •   Semi-fitted for active comfort
  •  Mesh paneling for increased airflow
  •  Side drawstrings for adjustable length
  •  Half zip mock neck for optional full sun protection on chest and neck
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Fabric moves moistures away from the skin for rapid evaporation to keep you comfortable
  • 100% Polyester 



SA Flexfit Hat, SA Bucket Hat, SA Performance Snap Back Hat

Bucket Hats - While a perfect day at the beach may equate to getting that perfect tan, keeping our skin and face protected is important. Bucket Hats are essential for most explorers, as they are known to fit snug and tight around your head and chin, preventing the hat from blowing off your head, which can be needed if you plan to head on a windy excursion on the water! 


  •  Soft and foldable foam brim to allow hat to float in water
  •  Embroidered eyelets for ventilation
  •  Adjustable bungee headband and neck strap
  •  Hi-density silicone front patch
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
  • Wide brim for 360 degrees of coverage
  • 100% Polyester moisture wicking performance material

Flexfit Hat - The Stretch Fit Hat is a great and timeless piece that can be added to your wardrobe, no matter the occasion. Whether its sunny on the boat, or cloudy, the Flexfit Hat sits comfortably on the head, allowing you to move freely and feel good simultaneously, no matter the weather! 


  • Embroidered patch on front 
  • Cap with elastic mesh panels and closed back 
  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Sun protection 

Performance Snap Back Hat - Feeling slightly burnt by the sun and looking for some cooling off? Look no further than the SA Performance Snap Back Hat! Built with high-performance materials, this will be a go-to staple for any beach trip. The front crown and side panels are made of water-repellent material. The sweatband inside of the snapback is made of moisture-wicking and quick-dry mesh which will keep you cool and dry and not make your hair feel hot and sweaty.  


  • Moisture wicking and quick dry material
  • Water Repellent front crown and side panels
  • Laser perforated mesh back panels for ultimate breathability
  • Moisture wicking and quick dry mesh inside sweatband to help keep you cool
  • Hi-density silicone front patch
  • Matching plastic snapback closure
  • UPF 30+ Sun Protection 



SA Dry Bag, SA Sunglasses

SA Sunglasses  - What makes these glasses so special is the fact that you can do just about anything in them! Whether it’s in the ocean or just hanging out on the beach, these sunglasses have a micro coating to help protect against harsh elements like saltwater, to enable perfect everyday wear. 


  • Unique designs 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • SA microfiber bag and padded case included 
  • 100% UV protection 
  • Polarized poly-carbonate lenses 
  • Duarble TR-90 frame 

Dry Bag - Your boat days are about to become a lot less stressful with SA’s new Dry Bag. Have no more fear about misplacing or worrying about your belongings getting wet or lost at sea as the dry bag will do just the trick! Not only is the bag waterproof, but also dust-proof and scratch-resistant!  


  • Protect your personal belongings from water and dust with rugged roll-top closure
  •  Snap hook with quick release buckle
  •  Additional removable shoulder strap for carrying
  •  Fold top at least three times and snap buckle for maximum seal
  • Once sealed, items inside bag will stay dry
  • Keep air in bag to allow to float on water and avoid water coming into airtight seal 
  • Waterproof 500D PVC material 

The Adventurer’s Q&A: All Things Vitamin Sea 

What are the essential safety precautions one should take before going boating?

Before heading out on a boating adventure, make sure you have life jackets for everyone on board, including children. Check that you have proper navigation equipment, such as a compass and marine charts. It's also crucial to inform someone on land about your boating plans, including your departure and arrival times. Finally, always check the weather forecast and ensure you have a first aid kit on board.

How do I maintain the cleanliness and appearance of my boat?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital to keep your boat in top shape. Rinse it with fresh water after each use to remove salt, debris, and any other contaminants. Clean the exterior with boat-specific cleaning products and use wax to protect the hull from UV rays. Additionally, inspect and clean the bilge pump, engine, and electrical connections to prevent any issues.

What are some basic boating navigation rules everyone should know?

Familiarize yourself with basic navigation rules to ensure safety on the water. Maintain a safe speed, especially in crowded areas, and give way to larger vessels. Learn and follow buoy and channel markers, which indicate safe navigable routes. Avoid boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as it impairs judgment and coordination. Lastly, be considerate of other boaters and respect the marine environment.

What licenses or certifications do I need to operate a boat in the open sea?

The requirements for licenses or certifications may vary depending on your location. In many regions, you'll need a boating safety certificate or a license to operate a boat. Additionally, some countries or states may have specific certifications or endorsements for operating boats in the open sea. It's important to research and comply with the regulations of your particular area.

Can I boat alone, or is it safer to have passengers?

Boating alone is possible, but having passengers can enhance safety. They can assist with navigation, keep watch for hazards, and provide help in case of emergencies. If boating alone, ensure someone on land knows your plans and expected return time, and always follow safety precautions and guidelines.

What should I do if I encounter a boating emergency?

In the event of a boating emergency, stay calm and ensure the safety of all passengers. Use your marine radio or cell phone to call for assistance and provide your location and details about the emergency. Follow any instructions given by emergency services and be prepared to administer first aid if necessary.