Ways To Wear Your SA Face Shield

Your SA Face Shield is lightweight and comfortable, made with 100% polyester and breathable microfiber. It’s perfect for protecting your nose and mouth during hunting trips, sailing excursions and everyday activities. But did you know that there are multiple ways to wear your SA Face Shield? Click here to shop our multi-use Face Shields. 


Whether enjoying an outdoor adventure or just hanging around the house, no one wants to have hair hanging over their eyes. That’s why plenty of people use their SA Face Shield as a headband. It keeps your hair out of your face while keeping you looking awesome. 

Hair Tie

Your SA Face Shield is also a great way to tie your hair back in a ponytail, braid or bun. Our soft and stretchy material can be twisted into various shapes. With tons of different colors and styles to choose from, you’ll have the most fashionable hair tie around. 

Neck Gaiter

Your SA Face Shield can be used as a neck gaiter to protect you from the cold or heat. Covering up in extreme weather can help your body regulate its temperature while fighting off windburn, frostbite or sunburn. You can stay safe from the elements while enjoying your time outdoors with our multi-use Face Shields. 


Having a wristband to absorb sweat is a great way to safely enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing and hunting. Because these activities often require spending hours outdoors in the heat while using your hands, it’s important to keep your fingers as dry as possible. Your SA Face Shield can double as a wristband so you can stay as dry as possible.