Stay Cool With an SA Face Shield

Beat the Heat

Even though Fall is approaching, many Southern states are still facing record high temperatures. With heat indexes well into the triple digits, it can be tough to stay cool. Wearing a SA Face Shield can help you beat the heat while enjoying your time outdoors. Click here to shop our SA Face Shields. 

Lightweight and Breathable

When you’re staying active outdoors, you don’t want anything weighing you down. That’s why we use only the best quality material to provide a breathable and comfortable fit. An SA Face Shield is so lightweight, you won’t even know it’s there. 

Sweat-wicking Technology

Every outdoorsmen knows that sweat can quickly turn a fun adventure into a sticky situation. Every SA Face Shield is made with 100% polyester, the most reliable sweat-wicking fabric. Your Face Shield will keep you dry and help regulate your body temperature. 

Fun Colors and Patterns

All of our SA Face Shields are available in many different colors and patterns. You can even create your perfect look with our customizable face shields

Multiple Ways to Wear 

The best thing about an SA Face Shield is that there are so many different ways to wear it! You can wear it around your neck, as a bandana or even as a hair tie.