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SA Silicone Rings are comfortable & safe ring alternative. Made of premium medical grade silicone, SA Silicone Rings are durable and sanitary. Our Rings are true to size and come in 40+ designs. The Best Part, Every SA Silicone Ring is backed with a Full Lifetime Warranty. Unlimited Replacements.

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Why SA Silicone Rings?

Silicone Rings Safety

Metal Rings are dangerous. If you work with your hands, exercise with your hands, or even use your hands around the house, Metal Rings can get caught and cause damage to your finger. Ring Avulsion is serious problem if you wear a metal ring.

SA Silicone Rings are designed to tear when caught, protecting your finger from injury. The best part, every SA Silicone Ring is covered under our Full Lifetime Warranty. If you break it, send it back for a free replacement. Our Warranty Features Unlimited Replacements!

SA vs The Other Guys

Silicone Rings Safety

Stop Paying over 5 times the price for the same quality. With SA Silicone Rings, you get to choose Any 5 Rings for Only $20. Our Competitors are charging $20, $30, even $40 for a single silicone ring! Save Big Without Comprising Style, Functionality, or Quality with SA Silicone Rings.

Buy 1 Silicone Ring – Pick 4 FREE

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