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SA Fishing Tournament Bucket: Pink


The SA Fishing Tournament 5-gallon plastic bucket with SA Fishing logo is perfect for your next fishing adventure. With a wall thickness of .070″ it holds up to a 9″ bucket grid.

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The SA Fishing Tournament Bucket with the shield is perfect for your next fishing adventure. This bucket is 90 mil 5 gallon (14.5″ tall) with no holes, clunky “knuckles” or other modifications. The “transition hook” is installed and permanently attached to high quality and massive 5/8″ diameter Marine Grade 12 strand nylon line using a unique and novel attachment method. The “transition hooks” are made of high quality passivated Stainless Steel and will not rust or discolor. The large diameter rope is easy on the hands and offers a superior grip with wet or slimy hands.

Weight 3.00 lbs