SA Thermal Fleece FaceShields

Stay Warm With An SA Thermal Fleece Face Shield

A big part of staying safe outdoors is preparing for all different kinds of extreme weather. When summer gives way to cooler temperatures, it’s important to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. That’s why we made our SA Thermal Fleece Face Shield – designed to keep you comfortable and warm even on the coldest days. Click here to shop our Thermal Fleece Face Shields. 

Built For Extreme Weather

SA Thermal Fleece Face Shields are made with Extreme Active Thermal Protection to lock in body heat. A seamless fleece lining ensures a fit that’s so comfortable, you won’t even know it’s there. Extreme Wind Technology fabric protects you from windchill while moisture-wicking materials keep your skin dry. 

Keeps You Safe From Frostbite

Skin exposed to cold and windy weather is vulnerable to frostbite, a condition that can require medical attention in extreme cases. Frostbite commonly occurs on the nose, ears, cheeks and chin – all areas that can be protected with an SA Thermal Fleece Face Shield. 

Great For Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking And More

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or strolling through the snow, our Thermal Fleece Face Shields provide comfort and protection for any activity. Premium materials keep you warm while a versatile shape guarantees a cozy fit. 

Cool styles

Not only do our Thermal Fleece Face Shields provide insulation against the cold, they add stylish flair to any outfit. SA Thermal Fleece Face Shields come in a variety of colors and patterns to keep you looking awesome no matter the weather.