Does an SA Face Shield Protect Against the Coronavirus?

In the age of the coronavirus, face coverings are essential. Most stores require patrons to wear them, and some states have even instituted mandatory mask requirements. Our bestselling SA Face Shield, commonly referred to as a gaiter, can help protect users from contracting the coronavirus. The New York Times recently published an article titled “Save the Gaiters!”, debunking a study that showed gaiters were ineffective protection against the coronavirus. Here are our top three takeaways: 

1. Any type of face covering will block at least some of the droplets produced by speaking or coughing. 

“Mask testing has consistently shown that any face covering will block at least a small percentage of droplets generated when we speak or cough,” the article claims. While experts will likely continue to compare different types of masks against each other, it is believed that any type of face covering can offer protection – including an SA Face Shield.  

2. A fitted mask with no gaps offers the best protection

While any type of face covering can offer some protection, researchers have determined that “a snug fitting mask with no gaps is best.” An SA Face Shield, which wraps around the face and leaves no gaps, can protect against the virus better than traditional masks. 

3. Any type of face covering offers protection against the coronavirus when used in conjunction with social distancing.

According to the New York Times, “Most experts agree that the average mask wearer doesn’t need medical-grade protection, and that any face covering, combined with social distancing, probably offers adequate protection for the average person against spreading or contracting the coronavirus.” Wearing an SA Face Shield can help protect you from the coronavirus while still remaining lightweight and breathable. Click here to shop for an SA Face Shield.