SA Company – Quality Gear at Reelistic Prices

Does good quality also mean high prices for gear in the outdoor industry? At SA Co., we have chosen to sell directly to the customer and skip the sales rep, distributor and retailer. By doing this, SA was able to cut out all the extra costs that are involved from the time it leaves our warehouse until it is for sale on the retail floor.

Why did we do this? We found that some of our biggest competitors were selling similar quality products at triple the price. We thought it was insanity to see people spending $40, $50 or even $60 on a product that was being used to get dirty or most likely ruined, while being outdoors. So by investing into our own manufacturing and cutting out the distributor, sales rep and retailers in order to provide for you better quality at more than half the price of our competitors. Our brand is built with the CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS FIRST! Enjoy piece of mind and buy quality gear at reelistic prices™.


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