First Encounters

I never gave much thought to protecting my face. My girlfriend would tell me that I should be wearing something when I was out off-roading or hunting, especially in the thick woods near our town. My dad was always warning me about my family’s history of skin cancer every time I was out on the lake fishing, urging me to wear a strong sunscreen.

I just never worried about it. Then I was out in the boat one day a few months ago when my friend Sam pulled out what looked like a scarf. He then pulled it over his head to cover his face. All of a sudden I was looking at “The Joker.” Sam saw the look on my face and laughed. “It’s the new face shield I bought from this really cool company, SA Co., I saw on Instagram,” he said. He reached in his backpack, pulled out another one and tossed it over to me.

Wow. The first thing I noticed was how cool it felt when I pulled it down over my face. This one was called “The Gangster.” The feel was smooth on my skin. Cool and smooth. We caught about 10 largemouth that day, but all I could think about was how cool I looked in this thing.

“It’s better than rubbing some lotion all over your face, right?” Sam said, nodding. “It has an SPF of 40.”

A few hours later, he pulled out another one. Try this one, you’re going to stain my favorite with all the laughing, he said. It was called “Clown.” Nuff said. Again, cool to the touch, so smooth on my face I’d forget it was even on for a while as I focused on my angling.


Soon as I got back that night I went to the SA Co. website and took their special “Buy 1, Get 4 Free” Deal for only $20. You assemble your own pack. The website is very smooth, the ordering experience effortless. You pick and line up your choices together so you see all your shields side-by-side before you push the button.
Making up my mind was the toughest part. They have over 150 mind-blowing designs!


Finally, I went with these 5 figuring I would use each for a different task – fishing, hunting, biking and just goofing around town:

  • Tactical Black
  • Clown
  • Forest Camo Skull
  • The Gangster
  • Stealth Tech Camo Hydro Skull

They call them face shields but they’re really so much more: scarf, do-rag, headband, whatever you can think of. I’d go face shield one day, then do-rag the next.

I keep going on about how cool it felt on my skin, but it took me a while to realize I wasn’t sweating when I wore the shield for hours in the hot sun. This is something called “moisture wicking” – it pulls the sweat right off your face.


The package was sitting on my doorstep 3 days later when I got home from work. I’m a little bit embarrassed to tell you how giddy I felt – it was like my birthday had arrived months early. Each face shields came crisply folded and individually wrapped, along with 2 80%-off coupons and 4 really cool SA Co. decals I wasn’t expecting.
I’m not afraid, though, to admit I put each one of them on immediately and checked myself out in the mirror. It was a hot summer afternoon so I decided to take them out for a spin on my bike. Again, cool to the touch, and very breathable even though it was pulled up to my eyes. I was riding into the sun and I never really felt it on my face. Moisture wicking. The SPF 40 at work.


Lasting Impressions

It took a while for my girlfriend to catch on. She couldn’t quite put it her finger on it at first – I was being subtle, sticking with the do-rag and headband look instead of going full face shield on her. But when we went out on the boat that weekend she finally got it. By the time the day was over, she had caught 2 more largemouth than me and had commandeered my “Tactical Black” and “Hydro Skull”!
Then things got very weird. My dad asked me what that was around my neck one weekend while we were skeet shooting. Soon he was using 2 of my remaining 3 for wristbands. When I told him about the SPF 40 protection, he started wearing them over his arms when he was out boating, mowing the yard, or just walking around the neighborhood.

You live and learn. What I didn’t tell them about was my two 80%-off coupons. I needed an excuse to dive back into SA Co.’s website. What better than family? A few days later, my latest – and now very secret – five-pack arrived.


Check them out at