First Encounters

I’ve always been an active gal. I competed in track and field in high school and college and lately I’ve been into jiu-jitsu, trying to get my purple belt.

If you’d asked me a year ago what do I wear while doing this I would have looked at you strangely, like I’m eying a perv. But that was before my girlfriends turned me on to face shields.
We were out on the beach one day when I turned around and saw Janie wearing what looked like a. What on earth are you doing? I asked.

It’s an SA Co. face shield, silly, she giggled. I’m been using them for a month and you never noticed! I just forgot my sun screen and knew you never carry the stuff, so I’m wearing it.

She tossed one over to me. It changed everything.

OK, I’m pushing 25 here – not an old lady yet, but that is a quarter century! I’m starting to notice looking around the toll the sun can take on your face, your arms, your legs. That’s how I started wearing the SA Co. shield.

But then it just grew on me, the way a new boyfriend does. I realized Janie had been using them all the time – as a bandanna, a scarf, a sleeve for her arms during volleyball.

Designs for Every Mood or Morning

Soon as I got back to my apartment that night I went to the SA Co. website and took their special “Buy 1, Get 4 Free” Deal for only $20. You assemble your own pack. The website is very smooth, the ordering experience effortless. You pick and line up your choices together – all your shields side-by-side before you push the button.

It’s perfect for running in the morning. The fabric is smooth, cool. The SPF is 40 so I don’t have to worry about slopping lotion on my face or arms when I’m done swimming, or cooling down after a game.

But here’s the best part – the designs are spectacular. They have a color or a scheme that seems to go with every mood or morning.
There’s the all-purpose Tactical White. The shimmering blue Mermaid Scales. Green Paisley. Hawaiian Floral. Pink Digi. Cheetah. Nebula – the list just goes on.

I settled on 3 paisleys, a Mermaid and Nebula.

Three days later, I held them in my hands. Each face shields came crisply folded and individually wrapped, along with 2 80%-off coupons and 4 really cool SA Co. decals I wasn’t expecting.

SA Face Shields on the Mat, on the Trail, and on the Beach.

Let’s face it ladies. It’s not a safe world out there. My boyfriend and his posse tend to favor the wild, scary faces – Joker, Blood Thirsty, Cold Blooded and Fiend. I didn’t think I’d ever go for that.

But if you’re ever going for a late evening run and just want to be left alone, I can’t think of anything better than wearing the Joker and all of his pals.

Since then, I’ve used my shields everywhere: on running and hiking trails, boating, skiing and just kicking back on the beach.
I’ve even used them during jiu-jitsu. And while I’m not quite ready to give them credit for my new purple belt, I have to tell you, the day I pulled up my neck scarf on the mat to reveal Cold Blooded, I noticed just a little shiver pass through my opponent.

She then asked me where I bought that face shield.

Check them out at

SA Company

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