How Does An SA Face Shield Protect You? 

SA Face Shields are designed to protect against all types of hazards that are part of an active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re sailing, hunting or just enjoying the outdoors, our protective Face Shields are a great way to stay safe. Click here to shop our Face Shields, available in various styles and colors. 


Every outdoorsman knows that the sun can do just as much damage as it does good. Harmful UV rays can burn your skin and eyes within a matter of minutes, leaving permanent damage. All of our SA Face Shields are made with UPF 30+ materials and can be worn in a variety of different ways to maximize protection. 

Weather & Wind

Extreme weather and harsh winds can be tough to endure, which is why we designed our SA Face Shields to insulate your skin and eliminate windburn. Our polyester microfiber cloth regulates your body temperature while tough materials resist even the strongest winds. 


Nothing ruins a good time faster than a swarm of pesky insects. Our protective Face Shields are designed to protect you from mosquitoes, flies and other irritating bugs so you can enjoy your time outdoors. 


Spending time outdoors often leads to dust, dirt and debris creeping into your nose and mouth. Not only can this make it hard to breathe, it can also lead to irritation and inflammation. Our protective Face Shields were made to prevent any foreign particles from interfering with your active lifestyle.