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Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s world, having a quality face covering is more important than we could have ever anticipated. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a face covering, the most popular being face shields and face masks. So which type of face covering is the best?


Complete coverage is an essential part of choosing a face covering. Wraparound masks provide more coverage than a regular face mask. The tubular shape of our Face Shields leaves less room for air to escape out of the sides or the bottom.


When choosing a face covering, comfortability is an essential factor. You’re less likely to wear an uncomfortable face covering, leaving you exposed to foreign particles. Our SA Face Shields are made with breathable microfiber material and sweat-wicking polyester to ensure comfortability. The wraparound shape means no pesky ear loops digging into your skin.


You’ll get more bang for your buck with an SA Face Shield, which can be worn in a variety of different ways. Instead of just paying for a face covering, why not buy a face covering, a bandana, a headband, and a hair tie all in one?


Our SA Face Shields come in a wide variety of unique colors and patterns. You’ll be sure to turn heads while wearing one of our incredible creations. Click here to explore our SA Face Shields.

In the age of coronavirus, face coverings are essential. Most stores require patrons to wear them, and some states have even instituted mandatory mask requirements. Our bestselling SA Face Shield, commonly referred to as a gaiter, can help protect users from contracting the coronavirus. The New York Times recently published an article titled “Save the Gaiters!” debunking a study that showed gaiters were inadequate protection against the coronavirus. Here are our top three takeaways:

1. Any type of face-covering will block at least some of the droplets produced by speaking or coughing.

“Mask testing has consistently shown that any face covering will block at least a small percentage of droplets generated when we speak or cough,” the article claims. While experts will likely continue to compare different types of masks against each other, it is believed that any type of face-covering can offer protection – including an SA Face Shield.

2. A fitted mask with no gaps offers the best protection

While any type of face-covering can offer some protection, researchers have determined that “a snug-fitting mask with no gaps is best.” An SA Face Shield, which wraps around the face and leaves no gaps, can protect against the virus better than traditional masks.

3. Any type of face-covering offers protection against the coronavirus when used in conjunction with social distancing.

According to the New York Times, “Most experts agree that the average mask wearer doesn’t need medical-grade protection and that any face covering, combined with social distancing, probably offers adequate protection for the average person against spreading or contracting the coronavirus.” Wearing an SA Face Shield can help protect you from the coronavirus while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Our best-selling FaceShields are available for kids! Check out our Kids Shields – a child-sized version of our FaceShields that offer the same protection, durability, and comfort. Keep your kids safe by shopping our Kids Shields here.

Who are Kids Shields designed for?

Kids Shields are designed for children ages three to thirteen. They can be worn inside or outside and are perfect for children who live an active lifestyle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children under the age of two should not wear a face covering.

Fun and Unique Designs for Kids

Kids don’t typically enjoy wearing boring clothing, and with SA Kids Shields they don’t have to! Just like our FaceShields, our Kids Shields are available in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Kids can express themselves with a Kids Shield by picking a style unique to them.

Ways To Wear a Kids Shield

There are many different ways to wear a Kids Shield, making it a great addition to any wardrobe. Children can use their Kids Shield as a headband, a bandana, and more!

We may be biased, but our SA Face Shields are lightweight, protective, and breathable, making them the best reusable masks. Not only do they protect you from the outdoor elements, but you can wear them over and over again.

Lightweight & Breathable:

All of our SA Face Shields are made with breathable polyester material and microfiber, making them just as comfortable as they are protective. Instead of sacrificing comfort for protection, put on an SA Face Shield and see why they’re the best reusable masks.

Superior Protection:

Our SA Face Shields offer comprehensive protection against all outdoor elements. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or playing in the snow, you can safely enjoy your time outside with our SA Face Shields. All of our Face Shields protect against sun, wind, insects, and particles, making them the best reusable masks.

Reusable & Rewashable:

The best part about our SA Face Shields is that you can wear them over and over again. Just throw them in the wash and lay them flat to dry. SA Face Shields are the best reusable masks because they can also be worn in multiple different ways.

Fun Colors & Styles:

All of our SA Face Shields are available in multiple fun colors and cool patterns to keep you looking awesome. No matter what style you’re looking for, we have something for everyone.

SA Face Shields are designed to protect against all types of hazards that are part of an active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re sailing, hunting, or just enjoying the outdoors, our protective Face Shields are a great way to stay safe. Click here to shop our Face Shields, available in various styles and colors.


Every outdoorsman knows that the sun can do just as much damage as it does good. Harmful UV rays can burn your skin and eyes within a matter of minutes, leaving permanent damage. All of our SA Face Shields are made with UPF 30+ materials and can be worn in a variety of different ways to maximize protection.

Weather & Wind:

Extreme weather and harsh winds can be tough to endure, which is why we designed our SA Face Shields to insulate your skin and eliminate windburn. Our polyester microfiber cloth regulates your body temperature while tough materials resist even the strongest winds.


Nothing ruins a good time faster than a swarm of pesky insects. Our protective Face Shields are designed to protect you from mosquitoes, flies, and other irritating bugs so you can enjoy your time outdoors.


Spending time outdoors often leads to dust, dirt, and debris creeping into your nose and mouth. Not only can this make it hard to breathe, but it can also lead to irritation and inflammation. Our protective Face Shields were made to prevent any foreign particles from interfering with your active lifestyle.

Many parents also wonder what to do about new school policies requiring face coverings with in-person learning drawing near. Sending your kid back to school with an SA Kids Shield will ensure their safety and comfortability throughout the semester. Here are some tips to make the transition easier:

Practice Makes Perfect:

It can be difficult for children to suddenly adapt to new rules and regulations. You can encourage your kid to wear a face shield by wearing them around the house or during routine errands.

Set a Good Example:

You can encourage your kid to wear a face shield by wearing one yourself. Children are constantly observing and learning, so seeing their parents wearing a face shield will normalize this behavior.

Make Face Shields Fun:

Face shields don’t have to be boring! You can encourage your kid to wear a face shield with bright, colorful options that won’t cramp their style.

Kids Shields:

Our best-selling Face Shields are also available for kids! Check out our Kids Shields here. Kids Shields come in a variety of exciting colors and patterns.

Wearing an SA Face Shield is the best way to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. According to Windsor Dermatology, staying hydrated can help improve elasticity, flush toxins and reduce oil production. Water is one of the key components of collagen, which contributes to skin elasticity. Staying hydrated can help you keep your youthful glow while improving the overall health of your skin.

Stay Hydrated with an SA Face Shield:

No matter what the weather is like, it’s always important to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrating your skin in the summertime can mitigate the harmful effects of the sun. Staying hydrated in the winter will help you avoid the dry, irritated skin that typically arises in colder temperatures. Wearing an SA Face Shield is the best way to keep your skin hydrated. Click here to shop.

Lightweight & Breathable Protection:

Our SA Face Shields are the best way to keep your skin hydrated because of their lightweight materials and UPF protection. No matter what you’re doing, you can remain comfortable and protected with an SA Face Shield. Wearing our protective Face Shields are the best way to keep your skin hydrated so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

School is back in session, which means it’s time to stock up on all your back-to-school supplies. This year, among the COVID pandemic, back-to-school shopping looks a little bit different. Many students and teachers are required to wear face coverings at school. Our Face Shields for teachers are lightweight, breathable, and stylish. Click here to shop our Face Shields for teachers.

Breathable Protection:

Our Face Shields for teachers are designed to remain lightweight and breathable throughout the entire day. Every SA Face Shield is made with 100% polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. You can talk to your students clearly and confidently in an SA Face Shield.

Multiple Ways to Wear:

All of our Face Shields for teachers are designed to be extremely versatile. You can wear your Face Shield in a variety of different ways, including a beanie, a headband, a hair tie, or even a bandana.

Fun Colors & Styles:

Say goodbye to boring face masks and check out our unique styles. We carry an extensive assortment of fun colors and exciting patterns. When you explore our Face Shields, you’ll be sure to find something your students will love. Take command of your classroom with one of our distinctive Face Shields.