Kid's Board Shorts

Have Fun in the Sun with Our Kids Board Shorts 

In the age of technology, it can be tough to get your kid to play outside. When you finally do, make sure they have all the right gear to have fun in the sun. With warm weather approaching, now is the time to stock up on summer apparel for your child. Our kids board shorts are the best board shorts for playing outside, catching some waves and soaking up the sun. With lightweight material, a convenient design and cool styles, our board shorts guarantee a good time.  

Lightweight & Comfortable Board Shorts

When playing outside, it’s important to keep your kid comfortable and happy. Our kids board shorts are made with feather light material to ensure a breathable fit. A comfortable four-way stretch design allows your child to move and play freely without anything holding them back. Whether they’re swimming in the pool, ocean, or lake, your kid can feel comfy and cozy in our board shorts. 

Convenient Design

No matter where you’re headed, you can rest assured that our kids board shorts will provide complete comfort and protection. Our board shorts are designed to make every activity as seamless as possible. Three zippered pockets allow your child to stash keys, gum or even snacks. A drawstring waistband and a velcro closure ensure a secure fit no matter what. Our board shorts are made with water-repellent material, so your child can enjoy the outdoors without feeling weighed down. 

Awesome Colors & Styles

Finding high-quality apparel that your child actually wants to wear can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, our kids board shorts are available in a wide variety of fun patterns and bright colors. No matter what their style is, you can find something your child will be excited to wear. Your child will love the unique look and feel of our SA board shorts.