SA Company has partnered with the nonprofit Operation Airdrop and is hosting a Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief Drive to benefit victims of this catastrophic hurricane that has affected Louisiana.

SA Company – Hurricane Laura Relief Benefit GoFundMe Page

Countless homes have been completely flooded, left without roofs, and destroyed, leaving many homeless. It is our duty to help our neighbors in their hour of need. We are helping to raise money through donations on our GoFundMe Page, where 100% of the funds will be donated directly to Operation Airdrop to fund the acquisition of supplies.

SA is donating Face Shields® for Operation Airdrop volunteers to stay protected.

Operation Airdrop is a 100% volunteer nonprofit Texas-based organization that organizes volunteers with private aircraft to deliver essential supplies in the wake of natural disasters. They work to make a difference in hard-hit communities primarily using the amazing resource that is the small airplane pilot community.

When roadways remain flooded or washed out and communities cannot be resupplied with life-giving essentials by traditional ground vehicles, Operation Airdrop arranges supplies – hot meals, diapers, food, water, and cleaning supplies – to be flown directly into the affected communities.

Operation Airdrop has helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and now will be helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

Please visit our website at for the latest updates on our campaign to benefit the victims of Hurricane Laura.

Thank you.