How To Exercise In A Face Shield

Exercising in a Face Shield

Staying safe is always important, and even more so while you’re working out. Exercising in a Face Shield doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfortability for safety. Our SA FaceShields protect against the elements while still remaining breathable, making them the perfect exercising accessory. The wraparound shape fits comfortably around your head, while our sweat wicking material keeps your skin cool and dry. Click here to explore our variety of Face Shields for exercising.

Run in Your Face Shield

Exercising in a Face Shield can protect you from the heat and sun during activities like running or biking. Our lightweight material helps reduce skin temperature and maintain hydration to keep you feeling fresh and energized from start to finish. 

Fish In Your Face Shield

Say goodbye to sweaty, mosquito-ridden fishing trips. You can wear an SA FaceShield while you fish to protect your skin from sun, wind and insects. Our moisture-wicking and odor-repellent fabric guarantees a comfortable fit all day long.

Sail In Your Face Shield

When you’re out on the water, the reflection of the sun is stronger and more damaging to your skin. Wear an SA FaceShield while you sail for a safer, more comfortable trip. Our UPF 30+ material keeps your skin safe from the sun while protecting against wind.

Hunt In Your Face Shield

Wearing an SA FaceShield while you hunt can protect you from insects, sand and dirt, while camouflaging patterns will help you blend in with your surroundings. Our premium materials can also help insulate you from the heat or cold.