Face Shields Versus Face Masks

In today’s world, having a quality face covering is more important than we could have ever anticipated. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a face covering, the most popular being face shields and face masks. So which type of face covering is the best? 


Complete coverage is an essential part of choosing a face covering. Wraparound masks provide more coverage than a regular face mask. The tubular shape of our Face Shields leaves less room for air to escape out of the sides or the bottom. 


When choosing a face covering, comfortability is an important factor. You’re less likely to wear an uncomfortable face covering, leaving you exposed to foreign particles. Our SA Face Shields are made with breathable microfiber material and sweat-wicking polyester to ensure comfortability. The wraparound shape means no pesky ear loops digging into your skin. 


You’ll get more bang for your buck with an SA Face Shield, which can be worn in a variety of different ways. Instead of just paying for a face covering, why not buy a face covering, a bandana, a headband and a hair tie all in one?  


Our SA Face Shields come in a wide variety of unique colors and patterns. You’ll be sure to turn heads while wearing one of our awesome creations. Click here to explore our SA Face Shields.