Face Shields for Winter Running

Stay Warm This Season 

Winter brings cold weather, grey skies and a complete lack of motivation. It can be tougher than usual to brave the streets when it’s freezing outside. But you don’t have to ditch your running routine because of the weather. This year, you can stay warm with our SA Face Shields for winter running. Our Face Shields for winter running are made with cozy fleece and moisture wicking material to keep you warm and dry no matter what. Click here to shop our Face Shields for winter running. 

Protection From the Elements

No matter what the weather is like, you can run confidently in your SA Face Shield. Every SA Face Shield is made with warm fleece lining, Extreme Active Thermal Protection and microfiber technology with Frost Tech™. You can brave the snow, wind and rain in your Face Shield. 

Avoid Frostbite & Wind Burn

When you’re running outdoors in the winter, it’s important to be mindful of the risks. Frostbite and wind burn are the two most common cold weather ailments. Wearing an SA Face Shield can protect you from the elements by providing a barrier between your skin and the cold air. Our Face Shields also help you lock in body heat, so you can stay warm and relaxed. 

Awesome Colors & Styles

Our Face Shields do more than just keep you warm, they’re designed to keep you looking awesome. All of our Face Shields are available in bright colors and unique styles, so you can turn heads when you’re hitting the pavement. No matter what you’re training for, you can find the perfect Face Shield for all of your runs. 

Quality & Durability 

When you buy an SA Face Shield, you can feel confident about your purchase. All of our Face Shields are made with the highest quality material, designed to last you through all of your winter miles. Every Face Shield comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your product for as long as possible.