Protect Your Pup With A Dog Shield

Our best selling Face Shields are also available for dogs. Keep your pal safe with an SA Dog Shield, designed to protect your dog from the elements so they can play safely all day. Click here to check out our Dog Shields.

Keeps Your Dog Cool

If your dog gets too hot, he or she can suffer from cramps, exhaustion and other heat related ailments. SA Dog Shields are made with lightweight, comfortable material that’s designed to regulate your dog’s body temperature while wicking sweat and eliminating odors. Our polyester microfiber material will keep your dog cool and dry even on the hottest days.

Increases Visibility

All of our Dog Shields are made with a reflective strip to ensure safety on nighttime walks. You won’t have to bother with clip on lights or headlamps – just slip on the comfortable, secure Dog Shield to increase visibility for your pup.

Prevents Ticks & Fleas

Ticks and fleas are perhaps the biggest nuisance in a dog owner’s life. Now you can say goodbye to these pesky critters without the use of any harsh chemicals! Our Dog Shields create a protective barrier between your pet and harmful insects.

Ways to Wear A Dog Shield

Dog Shields can be worn in a variety of ways to protect your furry friend. A collar, a sweater or a hood are just some of the ways your dog can sport a Dog Shield.