Dog Shields for Halloween

Halloween Accessories For Your Furry Friend

Halloween night is drawing near, bringing parties, costumes and candy. If your pup is part of the family, you might want to bring them along for some Halloween fun. Our Dog Shields for Halloween are the perfect way to include your pet in the Halloween festivities. Click here to shop. 

Comfort Meets Cuteness 

It can be difficult to encourage your dog to wear any type of costume, which is why we designed our SA Dog Shields for Halloween to fit easily around your pet’s neck. Our Dog Shields are so comfortable and breathable, your pup won’t even notice it’s there. 

Increased Visibility

Not only do our Dog Shields for Halloween make your pup look adorable, they increase nighttime safety as well. Every SA Dog Shield is made with a reflective strip, so everyone can see your dog in the dark. Your dog can safely go trick-or-treating with the family while remaining visible to cars and pedestrians. 

Protection from Pests

Our Dog Shields for Halloween provide a protective barrier against fleas and ticks.  If you’re looking for an alternative to harsh chemicals, our SA Dog Shields are the easiest way to keep your pup insect free. 

Adorable Colors & Styles

All of our Dog Shields for Halloween are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can dress your dog up any way you like with our adorable colors and patterns.