Jake Smith

I am 22 and love the outdoors. I work climber and bucket oporater clearing power lines. I love to be outside and enjoy God’s creation while I hunt, fish, go racing quads or just out for a cruze.
Your mask have been great for all purpose, look great ,work better. Awesome for me at work for not getting all the sawdust in my face. Keep up the good work!

Sam Bell
Elberta, Al

Hi my name is Sam Bell I’m 16 and love to fish currently apart of my schools fishing team and use my sleeves for our tournaments. I work hard and dedicated to the fishing life. Have been following y’all for awhile and thank you for all the cool stuff!! Also thanks for taking the time to read this!

Colton Richardson

My name is Colton Richardson and when I’m not at school I am most likely on the water. Fishing and spearfishing the bahamas and the east coast of Florida my whole life, has bien such a blessing. Being part of the Salt Armour team is great because there not only a company that sells awesome apperal but there a company that is trying to make a positive change in the world.

Blaine Curry

Hello,My name is Blaine Curry I am 16 years old from Welcome,North Carolina,I have been an avid fisherman my whole life and have known about Salt Armour for about a year now. I had always wanted to try their products so I decided to purchase a faceshield to see if I would like one,well I love it. I use my faceshield almost always when fishing in colder or windy weather,I use it to keep the wind and cold out of my face,it works amazingly and I have defiantly got my money’s worth out of it,I will defiantly be purchasing more S.A. Gear when I get the chance,I’ve also used my faceshield while working outside cutting down trees etc. Thank you for providing such great gear!

David Keyser
Evergreen park IL

Hey what’s going on guys my name is David Keyser I am from the southside of Chicago. I fish saltwater and fresh water as long as I’m catching fish I am happy. There’s nothing better then starting your morning off with a 7ft bull shark or a 6 lb bass. I’ve been fishing since I could walk and I plan on fishing till the day I can no longer… I recently started rocking SA I pursued my first 2 shirts a couple months ago but I can promise you I will be making many more purchases, the shirts are badass and they allow me to fight off dragons. I was going to write more but I currently have myself a pair of kidney stones right now that are messing up my vay K. Oh well have a great day guys rock on.

Josh Sink
Lexington NC

Hi my name is Josh Sink and I live in North Carolina. I was introduced to SA by some of my friends. I love the quality products and amazing sales. My dad and I use face shields during deer hunting to block the white on our face. I love using them for fishing to cut the wind. And in the pictures above we are doing a 5k on thanksgiving morning and it was super windy. Thank you for your amazing products

Sarasota Florida

I remember when your company first started and it was just a couple of face shields and very limited gear. To see where you guys are now is amazing! My fishing addiction started young about age 4. And ever since then I have been out on the water or really wherever else I can catch fish. Pictured below are my two favorite SA moments. The first is one of my favorite things to do… Drop in the kayak at sunset, enjoy fishing and the incredible beauty this world has to offer! Even if i don’t catch anything it’s never a wasted trip! Next, is just a few days ago, I broke my snook record! Was fishing all night and then hooked into this beast! 34 inch!!! Glad I had my SA face shield to keep me warm even tho this is Florida 😉 I hope you guys and your company continue to flourish, you have done an amazing job already. Hope everyone at SA had a great holiday and an even better new year!!!

Hein Kruger
South Africa

Hi SA Company. My name is Hein Kruger and I live in South Africa. First of all thank you for a great product.
I’m 18 years old and I’m starting university in February.
I use my face shield for fishing purposes. (Bank angling & bass fishing to be specific).
This is a photo of me at the bank Angling nationals at Bloemhof dam in December 2015. Overall we caught more than 5000 fish in three days time & my provincial team (Freestate) got second place. Everybody loved my face shields and started making their own orders for the next nationals.

Cole Herrell
Villa Rica, Georgia

I live in Ga and love to bass fish.

Lyle Fujimori
Wailuku HI

My name is Lyle Fujimori I like using your face shields so that I don’t get burnt while kayak fishing.

Dylan Alwine
North Carolina

My name is Dylan Alwine and I live in North Carolina. I love fishing and now I’m getting into kayak fishing yalls products are amazing and I have 6 buffs.


I’m a 16 year old kid living in Arizona. I travel around alot to different seas. Fishing and mountain biking are my passions. I use my face shields alot when I’m cycling to keep dust out of my lungs. SA gear is definitely helping me alot!

Steve Miller
New Jersey

Hello, my name is Steve Miller and I’m 17 years old and a long time SA Team member. I love salt armor apparel and I’m big into offshore fishing and boating. I am from South Jersey and I spend my springs and summers boating and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. I spend my falls and winters fishing for stripers in the cold in new jersey and I fly to Singer Island Flordia to visit family and fish my favortie, Florida offshore fishing. I plan to take my career to the water also and I will be enrolled into the United States Coast Guard to be a marine police officer. I’d be extremely proud to be featured on your website and represent the #SATeam

Grant Macdonald
Wilmington, CA

My names Grant Macdonald I’m from southern California. I grew up fishing, hunting, and snowboarding. I use SA gear for almost everything while I’m working demolition, fishing, hunting and boarding.

Vacaville, CA

Hey my names Brian I’m a big delta fisherman along with bass fishing in north bay of California. Just bought the blackout package not to long ago me and my lady love it. Also the hat actually fits me most hats fit me weird so that was awesome. Great product cool team. I was also wondering if you guys do sponsorships. We do a lot of comps around here and could really spread the word.


Hey guys! My name is Kaylah.. I’m 26 and been part of the great outdoors since I could walk! My dad got me hooked on hunting and fishing at a young age and I wouldn’t want it any other way! It’s made me appreciate all of God’s creations and live life to the fullest!
Just want to let you guys know…. I discovered you guys right before hunting season in 2015 and quickly realized I’ll be a repeat customer! Your products have helped keep me in stealth mode, break the wind and kept me warm! Appreciate it!

Long Island, New York

I use my face shield hunting, fishing, and whenever it’s cold.

Caleb Palko and Nate Mcevoy
Nanty Glo, PA

We are Caleb Palko (left) and Nate Mcevoy (right). We are a southwestern Pennylvania bass fishing tournament team. We love fishing. I (caleb) am i graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology with 2 associate degrees, 1 in carpentry and one in masonry. I am an employee of Servpro of ebensburg and an aspiring entrepreneur (in the real estate market and marketing for fishing equipment companies) and future bass fishing pro. Nate Mcevoy is a student of Penn Highlands Community College and future student of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Safety Science program with a focus in Natural Gas and future pro fisherman. We absolutely love fishing, hunting, and the ourdoors. We are both addicted to bass fishing. Trout fishing, and all kinds of hunting. We’re 2 best friends that have been in serious tournament fishing for more than a year and have been in a few in our home lake that we are always right up there in the money prizes. We love salt armour and our faceshields so much we cant get enough. We both have at least 10 and have turned more than a handful of our buddies onto them as well. I usually like the plain/subtle ones like my white one that I have (above) and Nate likes more tactical looking ones. We love the brand. Love the company and would love to hopefully someday work with you as partners. And deffinately love our face shields. If you would like too, we have a team fishing Instagram page called “C&NFishing” if youd like to give us a follow we would love the support.

Nicholas Giordano
Franklinville, NJ

My name is Nicholas Giordano and I have been buying from salt armour for about a year and a half. I am 17 and am an outdoor enthusiast who is involved in many activities; I use my salt armour gear fishing and hunting. Also to look good in school. I attached a few photos of me in my SA gear, thanks.

Zach Field
Knoxville, Tennessee

I am an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. I fish at least once a week and spend 90% of my free time outside. I fish both saltwater and freshwater. I cut wood multiple times a year as a mission trip with my church.
I ordered my 12 pack of SaltArmour Faceshields back in October of 2015. I received the in-stock Faceshields before the projected delivery date. The others arrived about a week later. And I use them for everything now: woodcutting, yard work, canoeing, running, basketball, and fishing. If you roll it from the inside out into a 1-2 inch band it makes a surprisingly good headband! They keep your face protected from the sun and cut down the 15 mile an hour winds to where I couldn’t even feel it. The product was great and the customer service can’t be beat! I gave my dad and grandfather one for Christmas and they have already found uses for them in their daily lives.

Chandler E
Cary, NC

I use SA gear to fish with, and occasionally hunt in. I do a ton of bass fishing and some saltwater, mostly redfish. Thanks!
This is the only picture I have wearing your gear. Check out my Instagram for much better pics I catch big fish! @saltybassfishingteam

Jesus Frenes

My name is Jesus Frenes , I like fresh and salt water fishing , I enjoy about almost all outdoor activities , but most of all I like wearing sa gear because they definitely have everything and anything for any sports. Thanks for coming into business SA you guys are really the best.

Andrew Beatty
Gainesville, Florida

Hi guys this is Andrew Beatty from Gainesville Florida. My friend ordered a few of your face shields awhile ago and gave me one. Because I didn’t have one and sunscreen just wasn’t doing a lot for me on my neck or my short hair. So the first day I used it it was awesome it kept a ton of the sun off my face and I could breathe through it really easy. So in return to him I got him one and it’s been kind of a thing that when a holiday comes we will get each other a new face shield. But more about me and my family we go fishing and scalloping off of the gulf coast by our water house in steinhatchee we all fish for trout and Spanish mackeral. But I mainly like to go for sharks out there. My last shark was a 7 foot bull 135 pounds took me forever to get in and the meat was so good My dad and Grampa have raised me and taught me how to do all I know out on the water my Grampa bought me a lifting Florida fishing license and my dad took me to get my boaters license when I was 16 so I drive whenever we go out. Me and my dad scuba dive regularly in the caves in Florida and when we go on cruises to the Bahamas sometimes my mom but she doesn’t like the salt in her hair much but I started diving when I was six holding onto the back of my dads tank while he took me under our boat and around the bottom of our dock My mom was the one that got me hooked on big fish when she hooked onto an 8 foot King Mack Sadly the end to that was when we got it to the boat an even bigger tiger shark came up and ate it in two bite. It looked like it was 12 feet long We also have hunting property out there where my Grampa takes me to hunt I’ve shot my first buck and doe with him and he’s teaching my brother now. So we’re basically always by the water or near the woods doing something with each other. Cool thing to me I have a fish tank in my room it’s fresh water about 35 gallons. I caught my first bass and flat head catfish and put them in there. And I’ve had it for about four years now So both of them are pretty big That’s my bio well most of it if I put it all it wouldn’t fit That is me in the face shield and that is Richard who got it for me my very first face shield from you guys

Andrew Yurcich

Great stuff guys love it when on my Harley.


My name is Hunter, I am a sophomore in high school. I like marching band, video games, and airsoft. I love the SA Face shield for airsoft because it’s very comfortable, affordable, and it protects my face.

Marina Pinkus
Burlington, Ontario

Hi Guys!
Just wanted to first say I love your brand! Super fun, cool and great quality. Ever since I have worn my face shield I have gotten so many compliments and interest as to where it was from! Even my dad has ordered some! Colleges as well as friends have also got on board since seeing how awesome they are! I am 25 and definitely an outdoors girl. I love being by water especially. My name Marina meaning “from the sea” I guess is a neat coincidence since I feel most at home and alive by water. Needless to say I LOVE fishing and the face mask (even in the winter) provides great shield from the elements as well as helping me look bad ass on (and off) the water. So THANK YOU! for your awesome stuff!!!
I will definitely continue to refer people to your gear as well as continue to purchase my own! Keep doing what you do!! <3 [/team_member] [/col] [col span="1/3"] [team_member name="Adrian" title="Somewhere" img="#"]

I am a salt armour fishing guy love the gear I kayak fish here in Ga all the time and I’m slowly but surely getting my main squeeze to join me out on the water! Thanks guys


Hi I’m Aaron, I reside in the great state of Georgia. I use my face shield for just about everything. Whether it be working on my jeep, fishing or trail riding. It stays with me at all times.

Haden Hall
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

My name is Haden and I originally ordered the face shields for our yearly ski trip to Park City, Utah. We realized the face shields didn’t really keep the cold off your face so we’re excited about the fleece face shields! I spread the word to the whole ski crew last year and we bought about 20! We also use the face shields for our fishing trips. I would really love a fleece U.S.A face shield! Great company!

Jonathan Moreira
Miami, FL

hello guys, my name is Jonathan Moreira, i am from Panama, and love the sportfishing. the most important attitude in this sport is the conservation of nature.
I have in this sport a few years and i had the pleasure to meet a nice people around the world, they love the sportfish like me.
now I meet SaltArmour Gear, is great to protect from the sun, and my friends and me love the faceshields.
I use SaltArmour to protect my face of the UV on the sport fishing environment.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Hi, my name is Daniel and I often fish for peacock bass and most other types of bass. I have been following Salt Armour for a long time.

Mike Gervasi
Lindenhurst, NY

My name is Mike Gervasi I am a die hard fisherman and hunter. I work on a charter boat as a mate as well as a union carpenter. I am a big supporter of your company and had all the mates on my boat wearing your face shields. I wear one everytime I hit the water or the woods. I would appreciate it if you added me as a member of the SA Team.

Macomb, Michigan

I’m an avid fisher, hunter, and snowboarder. i use my fleece buff in the winter and fall for hunting, and mostly snowboarding. i use my regular buff for fishing and kayaking.

Virginia Beach

I’m Josh. I’m a fisherman and surfer from Virginia Beach. I bounce from fresh to salt water fishing and use my S.A. face shields as headbands and face shields while I fish, hike, and SUP. Summer is wake up, surf, lifeguard, and then fish through the night. We’ll see what it’s like in California soon since I’m entering the Coast Guard this Spring. Thanks!

Flemington, NJ

I have used my faceshield for fishing the streams for trout all the way out to the ocean for hog stripers I never leave the house without mine on!

Tommie Cochran
South Carolina

I am the head of production for Pleasurecraft Marine. Due to my occupation I spend a lot of time on the water however for some reason I can’t find any on the water We build engines for Nautique, centurion, Malibu/Axis, crusader and diamondback airboats.

Fulshear, Tx

My name is Syd, I love to catfish with hotdogs by a bridge by our house!
I love your products especially your faceshield. They keep my face from getting sunburned!

Ted Takekawa

Salt Armour Gear not only performs under all weather conditions but looks Sick too…
Happy New Year and Many Blessings !!!

Colin Walsh

Hey guys. My name is Colin Walsh and I’m an avid saltwater angler from CT. In the off season I’m a big ice fisherman and trout angler. I also deer hunt.
I’ve rocked SA gear for about the last two seasons now. The faceshields have always come in so clutch on windy days or when the sun is beating down. They even do the job during ice season.
The shirts have saved my Irish skin from some serious burns! Great gear guys, gunna have to try the cold weather shields for hunting and ice fishing next.
check me out on instagram @the_meaningof_life.

Andrew Dasilva
Raleigh, NC

My name is Andrew Dasilva, I was born in Raleigh, NC. In 2002 my favorite thing to do are hunting deer, ducks, and doves. And inshore fishing, flounder gigging, and trolling.

Michael Paterno
Dallas, Texas

Hi my name is Michael Paterno. I live in Dallas, Texas. I Just recently become a Texan 3 years ago. I grew up in Jupiter, FL lived there my whole life. I’m a Truck Driver. I like hunting, fishing, good friends and family, cold beer, diesel trucks, and making money lol. Thank you for your time have a good day. Y’all make great products, and I try to order apparel any chance I get.

Matt Atkins
Acton Ontario

Hey guys saw your deal on Instagram and thought this would be a good chance to get another one of the great face masks u guys make! So here’s a photo of me, living in Acton Ontario and I love to drive. Everyday I’m out driving whether it’s on my ATV in the summer, snowmobile in the winter, or just driving in my truck I always Love to rep you guys and your products. Would love to get another one!

Joey Shue
Gastonia, NC

My name is Joey Shue, I’m from Gastonia, NC and love everything to do with the outdoors. There’s nothing like spending a day on the water or in the woods. I use my fleece faceshield all the time, whether I’m bank fishing or sitting 30 foot up in a tree stand when it 20°, my face is always warm. I love using my rebel faceshield as a beenie along with my tactical brown faceshield protecting my face. They also make great seeing wheel warmers on those cold mornings.

Gastonia, NC

What’s going on Salt Armour?? My name’s Spencer (in the blue hoodie) and that’s my friend Joey. We love your stuff and have tons of your gear and are even hoping to feature you guys in our outdoor YouTube channel! We hunt, fish, shoot, camp, everything outdoors. We think we love the outdoors as much as y’all but who knows! Thanks for the opportunity, God bless y’all!

Edgewater, FL

Im an outdoorsman so when im outside I like to be protected from the sun and cold as much as possible. I use my faceshields for hunting and fishing and they help with the weather and also help me blend in with my surroundings when im hunting so id like to be part of the Salt Armour team and keep repping your products.

Blayne Vickery

I’m Blayne and I love hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors but I can’t bc there’s a storm outside. And it’s bad.
But i love salt armour merch. I use it all the time. I’m 16, I’m in high school, and my dad is running for sheriff. But me and my dad are big SA fans. Thnx

Pinellas Par,k Florida

Hello, my name is Stella and this is my friend Nick. We have purchased your face shields as you can see and we love them. Everywhere we go, we always have people asking us where they are from and are complementing us on how cool the designs are. We live in Florida which means it’s sunny and warm all year round so we are always out fishing or or just being on the water. These face shields have helped us so much from keeping our face sunburn free and we always love the sales that you have going on.

Jonesboro, AR

Hey! My names Preston! I’m 14, born and raised in Arkansas! I live in the middle of the woods so I have a ton of woods to explore. I use my SA gear to explore, hunt, airsoft/paintball, fish, and so many other things!

Bryan Schulz
Jarrettsville, MD

Love the SA family! I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. One of the most popular bodies of water on the east coast! I hunt on it, fish, crab, boat, and anything in between. Your gear protects me from those uv rays and keeps me looking cool! Keep up the great work and awesome products!!!

Jordan Huynh

Hello! My name is Jordan. I am 13 years old and I am from Winnipeg Manitoba. I love sports very much. I use my Faceshield when I go fishing, unfortunately it’s freezing in Canada so I have to wait for a little while 🙁 I also use it at school when we are outside. My friends thinks it is very cool and I told them all about it!


I got my jet ski group rocking the masks. From Ga to Fla we ride the rivers and oceans. We are the only group to go from Stuart Fl to Fort Meyers Fl. 20+ skies and over 300 miles and 5 locks. All done wit my face mask on and loving it. The story was covered by Watercraft Journal. We also crossed lake Okeechobee. One of the country’s biggest lakes. Great times. Look us up. Jacksonville Jet Riders and Cetral Florida Jet Riders. Thank u for a great look and product.

Clint Henry
US Navy

Hey my name is Clint Henry and as you can see I’m currently serving in the navy and i am deployed to the Arabian gulf the sa mask come in handy everyday thank you for an awesome product !


Hi, I’m Blake I work for a power company in
South GA and really love your products I am currently wearing some face shields. They help a lot in the cold days and sunny one to keep the heat off. I really like the twisty clown looking one haven’t got one yet. I use my face shields at work and for fishing at the beach thanks for the good product


Hello S.A family,
My name is Robert and just wanted to share my picture with yall. I buy yalls products all the time and i (being an avid hunter and fisherman) must say that your products are truly great.
They are Very comfortable have amazing designs and great to keep all kinds of bugs out of your mouth on the water and not to mention you looking pretty cool in them as well. I look forward to your future designs and will definitely continue to keep doing business with you.

Thanks again!

Caleb Brignac

I’m Caleb Brignac from SW Louisiana, and I’m 16. I use the SA fleece face shield when I duck hunt and fish

Zack Sitton
Yukon, Oklahoma

I’m Zack Sitton I’m 23 years old from Yukon Oklahoma! I love to wakeboard and paddle board and wake surf. I cannot wait to get out on the water this summer to use my Salt Armour face shield I got for Christmas!

Colby Garner
Dallas, Texas

Hey guys,
My name is Colby Garner and I am a fire fighter for the city of Dallas. When I’m not working, I am always doing something active. During the the summers I am on the lake every chance I get, wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, ect. When fall rolls around, you already know that will be out in the country looking to put some meat on the table. Whether it’s dove, duck, deer, turkey or hogs, I don’t care, as long as their is game in my fridge. Come winter, more hunting and time to head to the mountains to hit the slopes for some skiing, which I am going to do on the 17th

Danville, Virginia

Hello I’m Seth, I have been looking for a decent face shield for heat and to keep the wind out while riding atvs and hunting! I wasn’t sure if the price of Yalls was worth it but when I received it I would definitely by another the quality is amazing and it really does work thanks for the great products and keep up the good work!!!

Ken Barnes

Enjoyed a great day with the family snowshoeing and snowmobiling in Birds Hill Park Manitoba. The fleece shield works great.
Thanks SATeam.

Ben Klassen
Naples, Fl

Hey guys, my name is Ben Klassen, Im 18, and from Naples, Fl. Ive recently received and Army ROTC scholarship and will be attending college next fall at either the Citadel or Texas A&M and then commissioning as an Army officer after graduation.
Growing up around the water Ive worn many different fishing shirts, but nothing compares to yalls gear. Some of the best I own and I love my face shield and shirts.
Keep Being Awesome!