Back To School With An SA Kids Shield

Send Your Kid Back To School Safely 

With summer winding down and the school season drawing near, many parents are wondering what to do about new school policies requiring face coverings. Sending your kid back to school with an SA Kids Shield will ensure their safety and comfortability throughout the semester. Click here to shop our Kids Shields. 

Breathable, Comfortable and Fashionable

Wearing a Face Shield shouldn’t have to cramp your kid’s style. Our Kids Shields are made with a breathable polyester microfiber that enables kids to laugh, talk and play as they normally would. They’re 100 percent seamless with a two-way lateral stretch, ensuring comfortability all day.

Back To School In Style 

New clothes and school supplies have always been a staple of back to school shopping, and now Face Shields are too! Send your kid back to school in style with an SA Kids Shield. Your child will be able to fully express themself with our creative variety of patterns and colors. 

Ways To Wear a Kids Shield

Kids Shields are more than just face shields, they can be worn in a variety of different ways. Bandanas, beanies and headbands are just some of the many ways your child can wear their Kids Shield.