Arm Sleeves for Men

SA Arm Shields for Men

Our SA Arm Shields are the best arm sleeves for men. With lightweight, comfortable material, you can enjoy any activity while protecting your skin. Our Arm Shields protect you from sun, dust, dirt and insects while keeping you cool and dry. Click here to shop.  

Lightweight & Breathable Arm Sleeves

Our arm sleeves for men are the perfect blend of comfortability and protection. Made with lightweight material, they won’t weigh you down. Our fabric is specifically engineered to keep your skin cool and comfortable so you can maintain hydration all day long. Sweat-wicking material allows your body to stay dry so you can get the job done. 

UPF Protection

Every outdoorsman knows how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Harmful UV rays can cause premature wrinkling, sun spots and even skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing is the best way to protect your skin from the sun. Our arm sleeves for men are made with UPF 30 material, so you can protect your skin while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Perfect for Any Activity

No matter what you’re doing, our arm sleeves for men are the perfect accessory. Whether you’re fishing, golfing or throwing the ball around, you can stay safe and comfortable with our SA Arm Shields. With four-way lateral stretch and breathable microfiber material, our arm sleeves will remain comfortable all day long. 

Awesome Colors & Patterns

No matter what kind of arm sleeves you’re looking for, we have you covered. All of our SA Arm Shields are available in awesome colors and patterns that are sure to turn heads. You can show off your unique style with our variety of options.