SA Company TV : How To Set Up A Trail Camera

As a hunter preparation is everything and using a trail camera allows you to scout out areas you plan to hunt. A trail camera is also known as a game camera and is a remote camera that can be set on either high definition or lo depending on how often you plan to check them. These cameras use infrared and are triggered by heat or can also be set by a pre-determined time interval. Usually its either set up before the hunting season or a few weeks before the actual hunt and gives the hunter insight into what kind of game is around the area and their trends.

When setting up the camera its important to not face it east or west so you won’t get sun glare. Once you find the perfect spot to mount it you may have to put a stick shim behind it so the camera is filming straight and not up at the sky. Since your trail camera will stay here for sometime be sure to clear any tall debris directly in front of the camera. This will allow for a better shot and if your camera is triggered by movement it’ll reduce unwanted images of foliage blowing in the wind.