SA Launches the Hottest New 2016 Outdoor Gear

SA Launches the Hottest New 2016 Outdoor Gear

SA Company’s new look for the new year includes performance shirts, face shields and more
2015 was SA Company’s biggest year yet launching over 200 signature face shields and reaching
their 500,000th customer. It’s no surprise that SA is making a name for itself within the outdoor
community. Their motto “quality gear at realistic prices” could never be more true as a tidal wave of
new and current customers rave about SA’s gear daily through social media. They are overwhelmed by
the support and thankful for each customer who are more than just a customer they are part of the SA
family. SA Company hasn’t forgotten where they came from and are getting ready to launch their new
year new look.

The SA Company will start 2016 with 10 new multi-use face shields (neck gaiters & sun masks)
and fleece lined frost tech winter face shields. With a focus on quality these face shields are made of
extremely durable neoprene and each one passes the SA 5-point quality check process. “I would never
sell a product which I wouldn’t personally use myself and to add to that it must be at an amazing price
point because times are tough out there” says owner, Thomas Desernia. Each face shield has a distinct
character and feel which is created from scratch by one of SA Company’s in house graphic designers.
Face shields come with a lifetime warranty which is unique to SA. To view all SA’s face shields Click Here
or visit www.safishing.com.

In 2016 SA will continue their growth into the hunting, military and extreme sports apparel with
new and exciting products. Alpha Defense Co is SA’s sister company for military enthusiasts. Due to the
rise in customer requests for tougher gear SA has added a line of 3 in 1 jackets and tactical jackets.
These jackets are extremely durable with great features such as moisture wicking, fleece lined and a
hood pouch. SA Company’s new jacket line supports their passion and focus on quality outdoor apparel.
To view all of SA’s winter gear click here or visit www.safishing.com.

The new year also includes SA as the title apparel sponsor for the Quest for The Crest fishing
competition. Not only are they a sponsor but the official SA Company Sea Vee captained by pro-staffer
Brett Cannon will be fishing in the competition. The Quest for the Crest is one of the world’s most
respected fishing competitions with captains from all over the world flying in for it.
SA Company is home of the world’s premier fishing and outdoor apparel.

If you’re a competitive angler, an avid sport fisherman, or just an outdoor enthusiast
who knows reelistic prices and quality gear when they see it, you’ve come to the right place.