Best Mask for Cold Protection

Winter is coming, and with that comes frigid temperatures and unforgiving winds. It’s important to keep yourself protected from the elements when spending time outdoors. Our Thermal Fleece Face Shield is the best mask for cold protection. Click here to shop. 

Complete Coverage

Our Thermal Fleece Face Shields offer total protection from the cold. The tubular shape covers your nose, mouth and ears so you won’t be vulnerable to frostbite, making our Face Shields the best mask for cold protection.  

Frost Tech™ Technology

Our fleece lined Face Shields provide the most protection for cold weather. Seamless fleece lining locks in body heat, while Frost Tech™ technology staves off windchill. You can rest assured knowing that you have the best mask for cold protection when you wear an SA Thermal Fleece Face Shield. 

Moisture Wicking

Our Thermal Fleece Face Shields are made with 100% microfiber material that’s designed to wick moisture away. No matter what kind of extreme weather you’re facing, a fleece Face Shield is the best mask for cold protection. 

Awesome Colors & Styles

Not only do our Thermal Fleece Face Shields protect you from the cold, they keep you looking stylish with awesome colors and patterns.